The Historical Record of the 27th Inniskilling Regiment, from the Period of Its Institution as a Volunteer Corps Till the Present Time: With an Appendix, Roll of Colonels, Roll of Present Officers, Etc., Etc

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Clowes, 1876 - 159 pages
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Page 49 - Dragoons (Lancers) being permitted to bear on its Colours and Appointments, in addition to any other Badges or Devices which may have heretofore been...
Page 82 - Portuguese regiment of Major-General Campbell's brigade was posted. This battalion having been overpowered, and having been obliged to give way immediately on the right of...
Page 82 - The battle now became general along the whole front of the heights occupied by the 4th division, and in every part in our favour, excepting where one battalion of the 10th Portuguese regiment of Major-General Campbell's brigade was posted.
Page 99 - ... from the impetuous chief he would not read them, and desired no person to attempt to take any letters from any of his followers, for he said he wanted to see him himself, and not his letters. All this time the boers were encamped about 20 miles from the town, at a place called Long Kloof. The next day we marched to our camp, where we were destined to remain with fixed bayonets, and the officers with their swords drawn, and in full uniform.
Page 143 - Wolseley, our Commander-in-Chief, under whose great and happy conduct God has been pleased to bless us with the most signal and remarkable victory obtained over our enemy in this or the former age. And as we were early in the demonstration of our loyalty, in proclaiming your most sacred Majesties on the eleventh day of March last, so we shall persevere in the same dutiful allegiance to our lives...
Page 14 - John Wilson, a foot soldier, in this general slaughter of his companions, stood the shock of several of the troopers, who, all together, were hewing at him. Some he stabbed with his bayonet, others he knocked down with his musket, and when his arms dropped from his hands he leaped up at them, tore down some, and threw them under their horses
Page 98 - ... taken every night in pitching the camp ; the guns and infantry were ordered to be kept loaded until further orders. The next day's march we came within 25 miles of Natal , and that evening there came 4 Englishmen out to meet us, all armed with swords, pistols, and double-barrelled guns You may depend it alarmed...
Page 77 - ... the parties stationed on the glacis for that purpose ; and they advanced to the assault of the breaches, led by their gallant officers, with the utmost intrepidity ; but such was the nature of the obstacles prepared by the...
Page 67 - Inniskilling, and other Irish regiments, is reported to have carried almost as much dismay into the ranks of the Enemy, as their swords. The stubborn bravery and conduct of these regiments contributed much to the success of the day, it having been their lot to find themselves in the hottest part of the action, innumerable opportunities were afforded them of showing their devotion to their country's . honour, and exalted sense of gallantry and duty.
Page 99 - ... armed men in the colony. They purchased all these arms since they came up here out of different shipping that came into the harbour. The evening we came in here we saw the haughty Dutch banner was displayed on the fort at the harbour as large as life. But the next morning the captain and the engineer officer, with all the Cape Corps, and a few of the Artillery, went down to the port, and hauled down the rebellious flag, and hoisted the British Union of old England, and spiked their gun alongside...

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