A Catalogue raisonnee[!] of oriental manuscripts in the library of the (late) college, Fort Saint George, Volume 2

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H. Smith, 1860
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Page lvi - And Jeroboam ordained a feast in the eighth month, on the fifteenth day of the month, like unto the feast that is in Judah, and he offered upon the altar.
Page lxxxvi - He took her naked, all alone, Before one rag of form was on. The Chaos, too, he had descried, And seen quite through, or else he lied ; Not that of pasteboard, which men show For groats, at fair of Barthol'mew, But its great grandsire, first o...
Page 861 - For Witherington needs must I wail As one in doleful dumps ; For when his legs were smitten off, He fought upon his stumps.
Page 781 - Vamsa is chiefly occupied with the adventures of Krishna; but, as introductory to his era, it records particulars of the creation of the world, and of the patriarchal and regal dynasties. This is done with much carelessness and inaccuracy of compilation ; as I have had occasion, frequently, to notice, in the following pages.
Page 454 - The virtuous rise to the moon , where they enjoy the fruit of their good actions; and whence they return to this world to animate new bodies, and act in them, under providence, conformably with their propensities and predispositions, the trace of which remains.
Page 453 - Brahma, or spirit, and who is equally indifferent to pleasure or pain, insensible of heat or cold, and incapable of satiety or want.
Page 209 - Isis appeared to him in a dream, and told him that if he...
Page lxxvi - A further subdivision of more than two thousand sections (varga) is common to both methods; and the whole contains above ten thousand verses, or rather stanzas, of various measures.
Page lxxvii - Indian scripture is included under the general head of divinity — (Brahmana} — this comprises precepts which inculcate religious duties, maxims which explain those precepts, and arguments which relate to theology.
Page 852 - They replied saying, you say that Siva fills all space, and add that the divine influence is immortal : while the vital spark is mortal. This should 'be proved. Besides there must be one common principle of life extending from brutes up to deity. Explain this.

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