Historical record of the 82nd regiment, or Prince of Wales's volunteers

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W.O. Mitchell, 1866 - 123 pages

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Page 56 - Regiment being permitted to bear on its colours and appointments, in addition to any other badges or devices which may heretofore have been granted to the regiment, the words —
Page 56 - His Royal Highness the Prince Regent has been pleased, in the name and on the behalf of His Majesty, to approve and confirm the finding and sentence of the Court.
Page 39 - expressions of mine could do justice to the conduct of " the troops throughout. Nothing less than the almost " unparalleled exertions of every officer, the invincible " bravery of every soldier, and the most determined " devotion to the honour of His Majesty's arms in all, " could have achieved this brilliant success, against such " a formidable enemy so posted.
Page 61 - Dragoons (Lancers) being permitted to bear on its Colours and Appointments, in addition to any other Badges or Devices which may have heretofore been granted to the Regiment, the Word
Page 38 - Hill having been apprized of the necessity that Sir Lowry Cole should retire, deemed it expedient to withdraw his troops likewise to Irurita, and the enemy did not advance on the following day beyond the Puerto de Maya. ' Notwithstanding the enemy's superiority of numbers, they acquired but little advantage over these brave troops during the seven hours they were engaged. All the regiments charged with the bayonet.
Page 44 - Badajos lust and murder were joined to rapine and drunkenness ; but at San Sebastian, the direst, the most revolting cruelty was added to the catalogue of crimes. One atrocity of which a girl of seventeen was the victim, staggers the mind by its enormous, incredible, indescribable barbarity.
Page 39 - A reserve formed beyond the narrow valley, across which the enemy was closely pursued, next shared the same fate, and was routed by the same means. " Meanwhile the right wing was not less successful : the enemy, confident of success, met General Dilkes on the ascent of the hill, and the contest was sanguinary, but the undaunted perseverance of the brigade of guards, of...
Page 53 - ... commendations, and entitles them to my warmest approbation. I have only to regret that the scene of action (a thick wood) was so unfavourable to the display of the valuable qualities which are inherent in British troops. The charge made by the...
Page 83 - Mahal, which consists of a wide enclosure and many buildings. The enemy here made a last stand, which was overcome after an hour, openings having been broken in the wall, through which the troops poured, with a body of sappers, and accomplished our communications with the Residency. "I had the inexpressible satisfaction, shortly afterwards, of greeting Sir James Outram and Sir Henry Havelock, who came out to meet me before the action was at an end. " The relief of the besieged garrison had been accomplished.
Page 82 - Peel leading up his heavy guns with extraordinary gallantry within a few yards of the building to batter the massive stone walls. The withering fire of the Highlanders effectually covered the naval brigade from great loss, but it was an action almost unexampled in war. Captain Peel behaved very much as if he had been laying the Shannon alongside an enemy's frigate.

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