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Fuel based technology is the main cause for carbon emission, if less fuel usage less carbon emission, no fuel usage no carbon emission.
My invention purely manual for small mode of transport 100
% free from pollution, in terms of speed if to test the speed it can beat any racing cars, if inducted in rail engine, oceanic travels and cargo ships, propeller air craft only need the fuel less than 1/10 of present usage.
Simple illustration to understand the far reaching benefits in the fuel usage with my technology
as given here.
The existing engines crankshaft and piston make the rotation - for 9000 RPM piston thrust is 150 times per second and fuel injection 75 times per second to ignite fire.
My technology for 9000 RPM only bellow 6 times need hit piston up/down per second, much fuel injection reduced, hence, so much carbon emission lowered.
For rail engine not only fuel s usage drastically became very less in terms of speed it can reach mach 2 if needed to test the RPM. If need more information it is my pleasure to mail, United nation asked some details about my invention.


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