War World, Volume 1

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Gallant Press, Feb 5, 2018 - Fiction - 366 pages
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One planet - 6 teenagers - a million light years of terror. 

School field trips shouldn't be this dangerous.

Jeremy Austin never asked to save a planet--it's bad enough being a "B"average student as the son of a world-famous geneticist for crying out loud! He didn't ask to be attacked by Gnome assassins, didn't choose to become food for a prehistoric monster, would never have thought consorting with wizards a wise concept, and he definitely would never, ever sign up to do sword combat against the bloodthirsty Gnome King. 

Note to self: say NO to portals and wormholes. 

His father's expedition to a planet 2.4 million light years from Earth has gone missing. Jeremy and five high school friends embark on a rescue mission. Surrounded by an army of mercenaries, they travel through a high-tech portal and discover a nightmare planet on the other side--a violent world of alien races and man-eating monsters--a world in despair; anxiously awaiting the arrival of a savior who will defeat the evil Shadow Lord. 

For Jeremy, the search for his father becomes lost in a struggle for survival... and escape from those who would put the mantel of planet savior on his shoulders.

A doomed expedition. Surrounded by aliens. Running out of time.
Note to readers: This young adult, sci fi, fantasy contains a lot of action and adventure (think Jurassic Park meets Lord of the Rings), high school teens with issues (murder, bullying and juvenile pranks gone awry), genetic engineering (the world must have a new super soldier) and survival skills put to the test (monsters, aliens and mercenaries... oh my). So if you like a fast pace, some comic banter and a mysterious, deadly world to explore, this book series is for you! 

Includes preview of Book 2 of War World: Paladin. 

Q & A with the Author 

Q - How would you describe the War World series? 
A - Survival... in the vein of Crichton's Jurassic Park. Life on planet Genesis was supposed to be controlled, safe. It's anything but... The planet's humanoid races are violent killers. War World sends a group of high school students on a field trip to hell. There is lots of action, adventure, fantasy settings, and magic. There are even nefarious government agents and an army of mercenaries who think they can go through a portal and tame the dangers of the alien planet. Right... 

Q - Where did the idea for War World come from? What was the inspiration?  

A - My first big novel to read as a teenager was The Sword of Shannara - that led to reading The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings novels while recuperating from having four wisdom teeth removed one Christmas. So fantasy became a favorite of mine. Additionally, I've always been a fan of Michael Crichton's novels and his technothriller movies: WestworldJurassic ParkSphere - the idea of technology running amok. 

War World grew out of a 'what if.'
- What if modern weapons interacted with Middle Earth?
- What would normal teenage American high school students do if suddenly thrust into a world dominated by Gnomes, Trolls, Elves, Dwarves, knights and wizards?
- What if this world was a lot like the television series, Lost? Hidden bunkers, new and old technology and a mysterious expedition gone missing.
About Rod: I'm passionate about technothrillers, fantasy and science fiction. I love young adult stories that combine mysteries with the excitement of action, danger and adventure. I write about normal, ordinary people being faced with the impossible and having to overcome and survive. I write about characters who find their own special gift inside... and learn how to use that gift to help others. Most of all, I love books that draw the reader into a new world and I hope the War World series accomplishes that for you.

The War World Series: 

- Science Fiction Fantasy
- Action Adventure Thriller 
- Coming Of Age Science Fiction
- Young Adult Science Fiction 
- Young Adult Fantasy 
- Mysteries & Thrillers
- Magic Fantasy
- Survival Stories Technothriller 
- Technological Science Fiction

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About the author (2018)

ROD C. SPENCE is the author of the War World series and has spent decades as a creative cog in that great machine called television. From the highs of 3 Emmy nominations as an editor on CBS's Survivor to a different kind of high on MTV's Jersey Shore, he's honed his storytelling skills on real people in unreal situations and has been blessed to work with some incredible people along the way. From True Crime to Adventure Competition to Social Experimentation, post production editing in reality television is all about telling stories.

And then there's the film obsession thing. 


Spence chose to spend several decades writing screenplays and developing scripted projects in the motion picture business that many survivors have compared to getting steamrolled in a bed of broken glass… on a good day. For the record, the genre's Spence chose were fun to work in: High Noon, a remake of the 1952 classic (action), DIG (youth sports drama), Section Eight (comedy), Carny Princess (romantic/musical/thriller), Carville (period drama/romance), The Man Next Door (thriller), Truth Or Die (action), Fiend (supernatural thriller), Triple Threat (martial arts/action), and Maynard (family). 


Spence has recently turned his attentions to completing his first novel—a dream he’s had since writing his first short story in junior high. The evolution of War World was birthed from his love of science fiction thrillers by Michael Crichton and the fantasy novels of Tolkien and Terry Brooks. The story and characters expanded over time and what was once a single novel has grown to become a multi-book series. Drawing upon his years writing screenplays, Spence crafted a host of characters he believes readers will love to spend time with and in a world as complex as it is mysterious. War World’s cast may not be as crazy as those on the Jersey Shore but whether there is a Survivor amongst the high school students by series end… only time will tell.

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