The Cow and Her Grass: Rational Grazing - A Manual of Grass Productivity

Front Cover, Dec 2, 2014 - Business & Economics - 68 pages
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This book by Messrs Voisin and Lecomte comes at the right moment. It is a synthesis of M. Voisin's important study, Grass Productivity. This manual presents the chief ideas of two specialists. Since they are also excellent practitioners, they have applied these ideas before recommending them. Their evocative picture of 'the meeting of cow and grass' poses the true problem of the management of grazed grass. For the farmer, the production of meat and milk is an act of industrial conversion. The 'machine' is the animal that converts raw vegetable matter into finished food products which are rich in calories and easy to assimilate. This 'machine' is complex because it is a living being; it can be improved--within limits. But its yield depends basically on the quality of the raw materials offered to it for conversion. I hope that their words will be heard and followed. [From the Introduction]

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From the Preface
Chapter 1 Grass is made for the cow not the cow for grass
Chapter 2 The strength of grass should be husbanded as the strength of an athlete
Chapter 3 Helping the cow to harvest the maximum quantity of the best possible quality grass
Chapter 4 The time factor must dictate the principles of rational grazing
Chapter 5 Compensation for seasonal fluctuations in grass productivity
Chapter 6 The number and not the area of paddocks is the basic principle in any plan for rational grazing
Chapter 7 The area of each paddock and the stocking rote can be determined only by experiment
Chapter 9 The grass commands and the grazier rules the conduct of the pasture
Chapter 10 Mistakes to avoid
Chapter 11 Good grazing improves the flora
Chapter 12 Permanent and temporary pastures are not necessarily in opposition
Chapter 13 The ten basic rules to remember
Grass is a remarkable tool for work

Chapter 8 Fencing and plan for division

Common terms and phrases

About the author (2014)

Andre Voisin is a member of The AcadTmie d'Agriculture de France in Paris. He was a biochemist by training, but a farmer by inclination. He was known to spend long hours watching his cows grazing his fields in Normandy, which inspired his "rational grazing" management plan theory.

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