Across the Continent: A Summer's Journey to the Rocky Mountains, the Mormons, and the Pacific States, with Speaker Colfax

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Samuel Bowles, 1865 - Mormons - 437 pages

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Page 402 - That no possessory action between individuals in any of the courts of the United States for the recovery of any mining title, or for damages to any such title, shall be affected by the fact that the paramount title to the land on which such mines are, is in the United States, but each case shall be adjudged by the law of possession ;
Page 406 - Immigration, which even the war has not stopped, will land upon our shores hundreds of thousands more per year, from over-crowded Europe. I intend to point them to the gold and silver that waits for them in the West. Tell the miners, from me, that I shall promote their interests to the utmost of my ability, because their prosperity is the prosperity of the nation; and," said he, his eye kindling with enthusiasm, " we shall prove, in a very few years, that we are, indeed, the TREASURY OF THE WORLD.
Page 429 - ... to this, the angle of the bend being at the spot •where the Yosemite Fall comes over the precipice on the north side. Below the expanded portion of the valley, the Merced enters a terribly deep and narrow canyon, which is said to be inaccessible, and which we hacl no time to explore.
Page 32 - Rocky Mountains, that rises up from the valley in which it is built, and winds away to the right and to the left as far as the eye can...
Page 406 - I have very large ideas of the mineral wealth of our Nation. I believe it is practically inexhaustible. It abounds all over the western country, from the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific, and its development has scarcely commenced. During the war when we were adding a couple of millions of dollars every day to our national debt, I did not care about encouraging the increase in the volume of our precious metals. We had the country to save first. But now that the rebellion is overthrown and we know pretty...
Page 429 - Yosemite throughout its whole length ; but, besides these, there are many other striking peculiarities, and features both of sublimity and beauty, which can hardly be surpassed, if...
Page 256 - It is touching to remember that between Plains and Pacific, in country and on coast, on the Columbia, on the Colorado, through all our long journey, the first question asked of us by every man and woman we have met, — whether rich or poor, high or humble, — has been, "When do you think the Pacific Railroad will be done?
Page 359 - But hark ! the air again is still, The music all is ground, And silence, like a poultice, comes To heal the blows of sound...
Page 34 - ... miles up and in the mountains west from Denver. Here, along the creek and some narrow gulches leading into it, within the space of five miles, is gathered a population of some six to seven thousand. The principal villages are Central City, Black Hawk and Nevada, holding a rank in the order named.
Page 434 - The long-continued action of the tremendous torrents of water, rushing with impetuous velocity down the slopes of the Sierra, has excavated those prodigious gorges, by which the chain is furrowed to the depth of thousands of feet.

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