Breaking Through Plateaus: How to Get Your Business Back on a Double-Digit Growth Curve By Creating a Culture That Automatically Produces It

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Wired To Grow, Mar 28, 2012 - Business & Economics - 146 pages
If you're leading a business or organization that's stuck and isn't growing as fast as you'd like it to, Breaking Through Plateaus, is the book you've been looking for. Most books, authors, consultants and seminars focus on strategies and tactics for growth. If you just do XYZ like ABC company, you'll grow just like they did. However, that rarely happens in reality. Why? Because there's always a reason why a business (or organization) is stuck--and that reason is rarely because of tactics or strategies. It's usually because of something much deeper. It's usually because there's a cultural problem. And until that culture problem is resolved, no set of tactics or strategies will get that business or organization back on a growth curve. So, what kind of culture is needed to create a fast growing business or organization? That's the question that author, Bruce D. Johnson, answers in Breaking Through Plateaus. In this book, he reveals 10 different culture drivers that when employed, can automatically produce double-digit growth in any business or organization that's currently stuck. So, if you want to grow your business faster, lead it more effectively, generate more leads, crush your competitors, improve your employees' productivity and reduce your stress, don't waste any more time. Order your copy of Breaking Through Plateaus right now!

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