The Discovery of America: With Some Account of Ancient America and the Spanish Conquest, Volume 2

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Houghton Mifflin, 1892 - America

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The stupid or accidental change of the Indian name
His lawsuit against the crown
The landfall on the first voyage of Vespucius was near
And from some point on the coast of the United States
Herrera got the date wrong 1506 instead of 1497
The Cantino map proves that the coasts of Florida
The voyage of Vespncius in 149798 is the only voyage
Second voyage of Pinzon and discovery of the Ama
His letter to Lorenzo de Medici 108110
Intense interest aroused by this little tract
The Lenox globe made about 1510 120122
Some account of Melas antipodal world or Opposite
The French version of the letter is turned into Latin
The inscription upon Waldseemiillers map the Tabula
The map cir 1514 attributed to Leonardo da Vinci 146147
The name America was first applied to the western
The first published charge against Vespucius was made
Causal sequence of voyages from the third of Colum
Americus returns to Spain and visits Columbus
Emergence of the idea of a western hemisphere Stob
Sequeira and Serrano saved by Magellan
Traitors in the fleet 192193
Discovery of the strait
The mediaeval spirit sudden conversion of the people
Return of the Victoria by the Cape of Good Hope
Romantic dreams of the Spanish explorers 214215
The Nahua tribes
The hostile Tlascalans
Specialization of Tlaloc as elemental deity
By what stages the Spaniards arrived diffusion
Pinotl visits the mysterious strangers and carries news
He was set aside however and Hernando Cortes
The Spaniards received as gods at Xocotlan
Massacre of Cholulans by the Spaniards 258259
Population of Tenochtitlan 264
Effect of seizing the head warchief
Arrival of Narvaez at San Juan de Ulloa
Gaining of Tezcuco

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Page 161 - Gentlemen, what does this mean ? Chops and Tomato Sauce, Yours Pickwick. Chops! gracious heavens ! and tomato sauce ! Gentlemen, is the happiness of a sensitive and confiding female to be trifled away by such shallow artifices as these? The next has no date whatever, which is in itself suspicious ; "Dear Mrs. B. I shall not be at home till to-morrow, slow coach," And then follows this very remarkable expression: "don't trouble yourself about the warming-pan.
Page 448 - Whoso bringeth an offering of the goods of the poor doeth as one that killeth the son before his father's eyes. The bread of the needy is their life: he that defraudeth him thereof is a man of blood. He that taketh away his neighbour's living slayeth him; and he that defraudeth the labourer of his hire is a bloodshedder.
Page 162 - Strange, that the New World should have no better luck, — that broad America must wear the name of a thief. Amerigo Vespucci, the pickle-dealer at Seville, who went out, in 1499, a subaltern with Hojeda, and whose highest naval rank was boatswain's mate in an expedition that never sailed, managed in this lying world to supplant Columbus, and baptize half the earth with his own dishonest name.
Page 5 - Straunger surmysed to be grete commodities : w' which ship by the Kynges grace so Rygged went 3 or 4 moo oute of Bristowe, the said Straunger beyng Conditor of the saide Flete, wheryn dyuers merchauntes as well of London as Bristow aventured goodes and sleight merchaundises, which departed from the West Cuntrey in the begynnyng of Somer, but to this present moneth came nevir Knowlege of their exployt.
Page 563 - Strictly speaking these descriptions of the "suffering servant of Yahweh" cannot be said to embody the true and beautiful conception that " the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church.
Page 480 - In contemplating such a life as that of Las Casas, all words of eulogy seem weak and frivolous. The historian can only bow in reverent awe before a figure which is in some respects the most beautiful and sublime in the annals of Christianity since the Apostolic age.
Page 1 - North a few brief notes fraught with ominous portent. The power for whom destiny had reserved the world empire of which these Southern nations — so noble in aim. so mistaken in policy — were dreaming stretched forth her hand in quiet disregard of papal bulls, and laid it upon the western shore of the ocean. It was only for a moment, and long years were to pass before the consequences were developed. But in truth the first fateful note that heralded the coming English supremacy was sounded when...
Page 448 - The most High is not pleased with the offerings of the wicked; Neither is he pacified for sin by the multitude of sacrifices.
Page 136 - Africa] have been more extensively explored, and another fourth part has been discovered by Americus Vespucius (as will appear in what follows) : wherefore I do not see what is rightly to hinder us from calling it Amerige or America, ie, the land of Americus, after its discoverer Americus, a man of sagacious mind, since both Europe and Asia have got their names from women.

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