Cosmic Christianity: The Changing Countenance of Cosmology

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SteinerBooks, 1993 - Religion - 220 pages
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Cosmic Christianity describes the relationship between the earthly and supra-earthly cosmic worlds by showing the relationship between the cosmos--as expressed in the movements of the stars--and the activities of Christ during his three years of ministry on Earth. The "gesture" of each astrological planet during those years is worked out and correlated with specific acts of the Christ as recorded in the Gospels.

The apparent "looping" movements of Mercury, for example, are connected with the "seven signs" of St. John's gospel. The author goes on to explore the many ways in which these healing acts, which have been inscribed in the heavens, continue to work in evolution through the events of history and through our individual human lives. By studying this, we begin to understand our responsibility for developing the new Christian mysteries and, consequently, renewing the starry cosmos.

Sucher presents a real foundation for modern star wisdom. Topics include the evolution of cosmology; the origins of the planetary symbols; our new relationship to the stars as revealed in human lives and historical events; and the role of the Archangel Michael in our individual relationship to the stars.

This is an excellent place to begin one's study of the stars and their meaning for both our individual lives and for the world.

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The Development of Cosmology in History
Roads to a Modern Cosmology and Astrosophy
The Archangel Michael and Astrosophy
Symbology and Cosmology
The Workings of the Planets and their Spheres
Turning Points in HistoryI
The Movement of Saturn during the Three Years
The Movement of Jupiter during the Three Years
The Movement of Mars during the Three Years
The Sun during the Three Years
The Movement of Venus during the Three Years
The Movement of Mercury during the Three Years
The Manifestation in History of Cosmic Events during

Turning Points in HistoryII

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Willi Sucher (1902-1985) encountered the work of Rudolf Steiner in 1919 at the age of seventeen. He devoted his life to anthroposophy, working closely with Dr. Elizabeth Vreede, a leader in the spiritual research of astronomy and mathematics in the Anthroposophical Society. Sucher devoted almost sixty years to developing the new "star wisdom" called astrosophy, which he considered most appropriate for modern humanity.

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