Health Hacks: How You Can Get Good Healthcare in Nova Scotia

Front Cover
Formac Publishing Company Limited, Mar 5, 2024 - 160 pages

Nova Scotians need an expert with their best interests in mind to help them navigate the healthcare system. For thousands of Nova Scotians, Mary Jane Hampton has been their go-to resource with her regular columns on CBC's Information Morning.

In this book, Mary Jane Hampton provides concrete and practical advice for dealing with medical institutions. She answers the most-asked questions people have, including:

  • How to follow-up on test results
  • When to go to the ER
  • How to stay healthy while in the hospital
  • How to make the most of your medical appointments
  • What to ask before getting surgery
  • What to do if you don't have a family doctor

Mary Jane Hampton shares the information that every Nova Scotian needs and offers ideas for how the healthcare system could work better for patients.

About the author (2024)

Mary Jane Hampton's career as a healthcare planner spans more than 30 years, starting in Manitoba, now in Nova Scotia and with a bit of time in Ontario along the way. She is a passionate defender of a universal, comprehensive and publicly funded healthcare system, but doesn't believe it was ever really patient-centered at all. That's why a few years ago, she pitched the idea to CBC Information Morning to offer a few tips and insights to help the public understand how the healthcare system works and ways to improve the patient experience. Those 'health hacks' turned into a weekly column which has a loyal and engaged listening audience.

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