The Social Question: A Series of Six Lectures by Rudolf Steiner Given at Zurich, 3 February Through 8 March 1919

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James Stewart
Amazon Digital Services LLC - Kdp Print Us, Nov 13, 2017 - 160 pages
This book is a First Edition, never before translated into English, series of six lectures. Rudolf Steiner gave these lectures early in the year of 1919 at Zurich, Switzerland. Here Steiner proffers ideas to solve the social problems and necessities required by life, by studying the life sciences and social life, and the living conditions of the present-day humans. He expresses how the social will should be the basis of a new scientific order, and what the role of the modern worker should be.These six lectures are a translation from the German edition "Die soziale Frage," (Bn/GA Number 328 in the Bibliographical Survey, 1961), published by the Rudolf Steiner-Nachlassverwaltung, Dornach, Switzerland, 1977. They are published as transcripts unrevised by the lecturer. This First English edition was translated by Hanna von Maltitz, and was edited by James D. Stewart, e.Librarian at the "Rudolf Steiner Archive & e.Lib."Illustrations and artwork were created by Hanna von Maltitz. Thanks to the Basil Gibaud Memorial Trust, this translation has been made available for everyone. The text of both the printed and eBook editions has numerous links to on-line web content that will enhance the reader/researcher in their understanding of the text: search all lectures, read/research the original German texts, compare the English translation to the original German paragraph by paragraph, and explore other related material. You can research Rudolf Steiner's works on-line ... buy the book to read and study at home.

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