The Friendly Giant: The Biography of Robert Homme

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Amazon Digital Services LLC - Kdp, Aug 29, 2016 - Biography & Autobiography - 152 pages

Stroll back to your childhood with this book on the life and career of one of television's most memorable and endearing characters - The Friendly Giant. This show was part of the lives of generations of children, parents and grandparents who would wait to see the boot, watch the castle draw bridge lower and choose a chair by the fireplace weekday mornings on the NET (now PBS) Network in the U.S. and later CBC television in Canada.

Memories of Friendly, Rusty, Jerome and the others will return as you read about this remarkable man and those who were a part of this great story.

Grant D. Fairley was one of those children who grew up watching Friendly in Windsor, Ontario. Years later, he made the trip to Grafton, Ontario to meet Bob Homme and begin work on this authorized biography. Their many interviews during his retirement and the opportunity to meet others in Bob's story are here now for you to share.

Readers say...

I just finished reading "Look Up - Way Up" and it was a delight. Grant Fairley has explored the world of Friendly and left the wonder intact!

Barbara from Lucan

I really enjoyed reading the book so much that every time I would finish reading each chapter in the book I just couldn't put it down...a very good read...

Aaron from Toronto

The book was very captivating and brought you to a place and time that was very special and imaginary. Thank you for letting me sit in that rocking chair by the fire again.

Jill from Brampton

I read it and enjoyed it very much. The second book I bought is for my sister - she will love it also.

Randall from Washington

In reading the book, it brought me back to time when my life was that of a child. No worries, no real problems, and a safe environment. The book is very easy and enjoyable reading with some wonderful insights into Bob "The Friendly Giant" and his life. Well done!

Karen from Petrolia

The charm and sincerity of "The Friendly Giant" are eloquently captured in this insightful and affectionate biography of the classic children's entertainer. Grant blends the fond memories of his own childhood as a faithful TV fan of "Friendly" with insights into what made Bob Homme the true giant he was.

Hal Sullivan, Editor Windsor Life Magazine

About the author (2016)

Grant D. Fairley is an executive coach and inspirational speaker with Strategic Seminars. His coaching and seminars cover a wide range of topics, including leadership, finance, team building, sales training, relationships, personal development, motivation, conflict management and more. He serves corporate and government leaders, lawyers, physicians, senior sales professionals, and educators to enhance and develop their careers and personal effectiveness. Grant is a graduate of Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois. Over the years, he has had a liberal arts life, with a range of leadership, education, and consulting activities. Teaching, writing, and encouraging others are common threads in the many roles. In addition to writing books, he is the co-author of a number of patents relating to technology and healthcare. His book, "Look Up - Way Up! The Friendly Giant" is the biography of televisions beloved Robert Homme."Up to the Cottage - Memories of Muskoka" tells the tales of the charm of an old family cottage in the 1900s and the love of cottage life. He co-authored with his friend and colleague, Michael H. Lanthier, "Own Your Future - Wisdom for Wealth and a Better Tomorrow." It introduces readers to the big ideas of personal investment and career planning. "Your Third Act - A Guide to a Great Retirement" is co-authored with geriatric psychiatrist and friend, Dr. Bill Cook. The book explores preparing yourself for the opportunities and challenges of retirement. It also guides those in retirement to have an enjoyable and meaningful life. Grant and Dr. Cook collaborate again in their newest book on compassion fatigue, "Discover Your Oasis - Escape Compassion Fatigue" supporting those caregivers in the helping professions, healthcare, education, ministry, government, and emergency services.

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