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010 Publishers, 2002 - Architects - 63 pages

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Page 8 - commuting' office started while carpcoling between these cities (ln that sense the principals like to think of themselves as autodidactic; the recurrent fascination with mobility and tarmac perhaps could be traced back to being 'educated' on the highway). Often projects focus on ordinary aspects of everyday life, including the unappreciated or negative, that are enhanced or twisted in order to bring to the fore the unexpected potential of the things that surround us. NL Architects currently employs...
Page 39 - Orienting it to two open spaces between the blocks rather then two 'blind' walls, provides a public shortcut. Point of reference is the given 633 m3 per dwelling. While all houses are at the same time stretched and compressed, either in height or in length, they still maintain this original volume. Although some features of the typology remain, all houses are individual and unique reaching from one-and-a-half to four stories, from 120 to 160тг.
Page 31 - ... form of entertainment. The new ideas are launched and tested in 'flagship stores' or 'ambassador shops'. From these focal points of exchange the new identity spreads bit by bit over the local stores. This notion was the starting point for 'a store with no architecture': a shop that consists of furniture and products only.
Page 39 - intestines' such as water and gas meters, hallways and stairs in the darker zones of the apartments, the facades can open up to the light and to the view, to where the park is. Three other buildings with a slightly smaller footprint, but considerably higher (1 8m), rise up next to the block. By interpreting the given 2.5 floors as 2 + 1/2 stories as in Being John Malkovich we could make a 'clean' start without formal determination; a block of 6 + 1 .5 = 7.5 meters high.
Page 37 - There are three almost square blocks that measure 30.5 by 27.7 meters and should contain 2.5 stories. It was obligatory to build the first two stories in alignment; the third should be 50% building and 50% roof terrace/garden. In our block the volume is distributed evenly over the ten houses; each is allocated 633 cubic meters. The houses are organized according to a typology known as back-to-back housing. They will be accessed from an isle in the middle of the block. This 'mini-canyon...
Page 37 - Het Fuñen, Hidden Delights'. The triangular site is located between the historic center and the recently redeveloped harbor area in the east of Amsterdam, a former parking lot for impounded cars. Along the east and the south side a 'wall' containing over 3OO apartments and office spaces shields the site from the noise of the adjacent railroad.
Page 31 - MD but still appear significantly different from all others. Space can be considered the biggest luxury of all. In many stores this is apparent in the virtual absence of sellable items. The objective is to stress the exclusivity of the brand. The central idea of the New Shop is similar but different.
Page 39 - clean' start without formal determination; a block of 6 + 1 .5 = 7.5 meters high. To create space within the master plan this volume is deformed and redistributed, pushed away as much as possible from the adjacent volumes. Within the orthogonal grid a diagonal vista opens up. The design tool deployed for this operation is a slight rotation of the isle. Orienting it to two open spaces between the blocks rather then two 'blind' walls, provides a public shortcut.
Page 31 - Duck is extending its impressive reputation in the field of designer bags with a collection of clothes and accessories. The reinvention of its identity a perpetual process in the fashion industry - asks for new shop concepts.
Page 49 - Dutch pavilion thus becomes one of the new hybrid manifestations of the private and the public: a public living room. NL Architects have created an installation that is both comfortable and alienating at the same time.

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