Pathology and Genetics of Head and Neck Tumours

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Pathology and Genetics of Head and Neck Tumoursis the latest volume in the new WHO series, on histological and genetic typing of human tumours. This authoritative, concise reference book, provides an international standard for pathologists and oncologists and will serve as an indispensable, guide for use in the design of studies monitoring response to therapy and clinical outcome., Diagnostic criteria, pathological features, and associated genetic alterations are described in a, strictly disease-oriented manner. Sections on all WHO-recognized neoplasms and their variants include new ICD-O codes, incidence, age and sex distribution, location, clinical signs and symptoms, pathology, genetics, and predictive factors.

The book, prepared by 130 authors from 28 countries, contains 890 color photographs, X-rays, computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance (MR) images, charts, and more than 2900 references.

This volume covers tumours of the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses, of the nasopharynx, of the hypophyranyx, larynx and trachea, of the oral cavity and oropharynx, of salivary glands, as well as odontogenetic tumours, tumours of the ear, the paraganglionic system, and inherited tumour syndromes. Each entity is extensively discussed with information on clinicopathological, epidemiological, immunophenotypic and genetic aspects of these diseases.

This book is in the series commonly referred to as the "Blue Book" series.

Contributors::Dr. Susan L. Abbondanz, Dr. Lucía Alós Dr. Mario Altini, Dr. Paul L. Auclair Dr. Gisle Bang, Dr. Leon Barnes, Dr. Timothy J. Beale, Dr. Franco Bertoni, Dr. Wojciech Biernat, Dr. Paolo Boffetta, Dr. Jerry E. Bouquot, Dr. Margaret S. Brandweingensler, Dr. Robert B. Brannon, Dr. Freddie Bray, Dr. John J. Buchino, Dr. Amos Buchner, Dr. Joseph Califano, Dr. Eduardo Calonje, Dr. Antonio Cardesa, Dr. Roman Carlos, Dr. John K.C. Chan, Dr. Alexander Chak-Lam Chan, Dr. Wah Cheuk, Dr. Michael M.C. Cheung, Dr. Hedley G. Coleman, Dr. Hugh D. Curtin, Dr. Gustave L. Davis, Dr. Vera Cavalcanti De Araujo, Dr. Louis P. Dehner, Dr. Pavel Dulguerov, Dr. Samir K. El Mofty, Dr. Adel K. El-Naggar, Dr. Gary Ellis, Dr. Cosme Ereodr. Lewis Roy Eversole, Dr. John W. Eveson, Dr. Julie C. Fanburg-Smith, Dr. Jacques Ferlay, Dr. Jorge A. Ferreiro, Dr. Isabel Fonseca, Dr. William Foo, Dr. Silvia Franceschi, Dr. Alessandro Franchi, Dr. Henry F. Frierson, Jr, Dr. Nina Galedr Yan Gao, Dr. David G. Gardner, Dr. Douglas R. Gnepp, Dr. Robert K. Goode, Dr. Kristiina Heikinheimo, Dr. Kristin Henry, Dr. Dolly P. Huang, Dr. Jennifer L. Hunt, Dr. Andrew G. Huvos, Dr. K. Thorsten Jäkel, Dr. Wei-Hua Jia, Dr. Newell W. Johnson, Dr. Gernot Jundt, Dr. Silloo B. Kapadia, Dr. Paul Kleihues, Dr. Sakari Knuutila, Dr. Hanna Strřmme Koppang, Dr. Tseng-Tong Ku, Dr. Kimihide Kusafuka, Dr. Janez Lamovec, Dr. Constantino Ledesma-Montes, Dr. Anne W.M. Lee, Dr. Jean E. Lewis, Dr. T.J. Li, Dr. Kwok- Wai Lo, Dr. Thomas Loning, Dr. Yong Lu, Dr. Mario A. Luna, Dr. D. Gordon Macdonald, Dr. Peter Mccarron, Dr. Leslie Michaels, Dr. Michal Michal, Dr. Adalberto Mosqueda-Taylor, Dr. Alfons Nadal, Dr. Toshitaka Nagao, Dr. Hiromasa Nikai, Dr. Edward W. Odell, Dr. Kerry D. Olsen, Dr. Bayardo Perez-Ordone, Dr. Hans Peter Philipsen, Dr. Adriano Piattelli, Dr. Ben Z. Pilch, Dr. Finn Praetorius, Dr. Manju L. Prasad, Dr. Kunnambath Ramadas, Dr. Peter A. Reichart, Dr. Kiyoshi Saito, Dr. Ann Sandison, Dr. Marco Santucci, Dr. Patricia A. Schachern, Dr. Stephan Schmid, Dr. James J. Sciubba, Dr. Ratnam K. Shanmugaratnam, Dr. Mervyn Shear, Dr. Masaki Shimono, Dr. Chong Huat Siar, Dr. David Sidransky, Dr. Roderick H.W. Simpson, Dr. Alena Skálová, Dr. Lee J. Slater, Dr. Pieter J. Slootweg, Dr. Jorge Soares, Dr. Leslie Sobin, Dr. Sava Soucek, Dr. Paul M. Speight, Dr. Göran Stenman, Dr. Kai Hua Sun, Dr. Takashi Takata, Dr. Yasunori Takeda, Dr. Lester D.R. Thompson, Dr. Charles E. Tomich, Dr. William Y.W. Tsang, Dr. Loretta L.Y. Tse, Dr. K. Krishnan Unni, Dr. Mark L. Urken, Dr. Isaac Van Der Waal, Dr. Jacqueline E. Van Der Wal, Dr. Bruce M. Wenig, Dr. William H. Westra, Dr. Timothy Tak-Chun Yip, Dr. Yi- Xin Zeng, Dr. Nina Zidar


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Myoepithelial carcinoma
Metastasizing pleomorphic adenoma
Odontogenic carcinomas
Odontogenic sarcomas
Odontogenic epithelium with odontogenic ectome
Mesenchyme andor odontogenic ectomesen
Haematolymphoid tumours


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