Cervix Cancer Screening

Front Cover
Cervical cancer is still one of the most common forms of cancer among women, despite the success of screening for precursors of the disease using the widespread cytological procedure, the Papanicolaou (or Pap) test. This volume reviews what is known about the occurrence, natural history and causes of cervical cancer, before describing the established methods and newer variants and approaches for screening that are now being introduced, tested or investigated. Based on an international meeting of experts, the volume concludes with their evaluation of the evidence on the efficacy of screening for cervical cancer by the various techniques as well as their relative appropriateness depending on the resources available and competing priorities. It also provides recommendations for the public health implementation of screening, including the frequency of screening and the age groups that should constitute the target population, and the identification of areas for further research. Readership: Public health planners and managers, gynaecologists, cancer screening personnel.

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