All This Belongs to Me: A Novel

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Northwestern University Press, 18. 8. 2009 - Počet stran: 195
Alta, Zaya, Nara, Oyuna and Dolgorna - a mother, three sisters, and the teenage daughter of one of the sisters - each tell their pieces of the family story, an epic fraught with secrets and betrayals, in All This Belongs to Me, the debut novel of Petra Hulova.
All This Belongs to Me transports the reader from Mongolia's harsh, dusty steppe to the clamor and grime of the capital, Ulaanbantar; from nomanic herding and felt tents to brothels and prefab apartment blocks. With a filmic eye and a dead-on ear, Hulova vividly conveys the landscapes and lives of three generations of women. Two of the sisters, born illegitimately of their mother's clandestine affairs with foreigners - one Chinese, one Russian - struggle with the stigma of being half-breeds, while the strict division of male and female labor and social roles plays out in the city and country alike, with devastating consequences.

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O autorovi (2009)

Petra Hulová was born in Prague in 1979 and has published five critically acclaimed novels in Czech. She won the Magnesia Litera Prize in the Czech Republic in 2002 for Pamet mojí babicce ("A Memoir for My Grandmother," here released as All This Belongs to Me).

Alex Zucker has translated two novels, numerous short stories and plays, poems, and song lyrics. His translation of Czech author Jáchym Topol's first novel, City Sister Silver (2000), was selected for inclusion in the 2006 guide 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die. Zucker's most recent translation was a comic opera directed by Miloš Forman for the National Theater in Prague. He lives in Brooklyn.

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