Women's Voices in Experiential Education

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This book is a collection of feminist analyses of various topics in experiential education, particularly as it applies to outdoors and adventure education, as well as practical examples of how women's experiences can contribute to the field as a whole. Following an introduction, "The Quilt of Women's Voices" (Maya Angelou), the 25 chapters are: "Women's Outdoor Adventures: Myth and Reality" (Karen Warren); "Why Women's Outdoor Trips?" (Mary McClintock); "Inside Work, Outdoors: Women, Metaphor, and Meaning" (Heidi Mack); "The Eustress Paradigm: A Strategy for Decreasing Stress in Wilderness Adventure Programming" (Anjanette Estrellas); "The Value of Therapeutic Wilderness Programs for Incest Survivors: A Look at Two Dominant Program Models" (Ruth Rohde); "The History of Camping Women in the Professionalization of Experiential Education" (Wilma Miranda, Rita Yerkes); "A Philosophical Basis for a Women's Outdoor Adventure Program" (Denise Mitten); "The Outdoor Recreation Experience: Factors Affecting Participation of African American Women" (Nina S. Roberts, Ellen B. Drogin); "Leading the Way: Strategies That Enhance Women's Involvement in Experiential Education Careers" (T. A. Loeffler); "Feminist Perspectives on Outdoor Leadership" (Karla Henderson); "Feminist Pedagogy and Experiential Education: A Critical Look" (Karen Warren, Alison Rheingold); "Outdoor Leadership Considerations with Women Survivors of Sexual Abuse" (Denise Mitten, Rosalind Dutton); "Feminists Challenging Assumptions about Outdoor Leadership" (Martha Bell); "The Value of Feminist Ethics in Experiential Education Teaching and Leadership" (Denise Mitten); "A Politicized Ethic of Care: Environmental Education from an Ecofeminist Perspective" (Constance L. Russell, Anne C. Bell); "The Midwife Teacher: Engaging Students in the Experiential Education Process" (Karen Warren); "Women and the Outdoors: Toward Spiritual Empowerment" (Karla A. Henderson); "Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails...The Use of Gender-Free Language in Experiential Education" (Deb Jordan); "Sexual Harassment and Experiential Education Programs: A Closer Look" (T. A. Loeffler); "Women of Color in Experiential Education: Crossing Cultural Boundaries" (Nina Roberts); "Lesbian Baiting Hurts All Women" (Mary McClintock); "Turn Off the Radio and Sing for Your Lives! Women, Singing, and Experiential Education" (Moon Joyce); "'Connecting with Courage,' an Outward Bound Program for Adolescent Girls" (Terry Porter); "Facing Women's Fear of Failure: An AWEsome Experience" (Anne Dal Vera); and "Women in Experiential Education Speak Out: An Anthology of Personal Stories across Cultures" (Nina S. Roberts, Ellen J. Winiarczyk). Contains references, author profiles, and an annotated bibliography of Association for Experiential Education publications. (SV)

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