The Gospel of Mark

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Scripture Truth, 2007 - Religion - 144 pages
Hamilton Smith (1862-1943), born in Barnes, Surrey, the son of a sea captain, was employed in the office of his uncle's building firm, where he was later joined by his cousin F B Hole. By 1901, married and living in Sutton, Surrey, with his wife and young family, he had retired from the building trade and entered full-time upon the task of building up the church of God. Later in life, he moved to Weston-super-Mare in Somerset, his wife Rachel's home county. His personal ministry was delivered in the United Kingdom, but his written ministry continues to be read worldwide. Along with H P Barker, A J Pollock, J T Mawson and F B Hole he frequently contributed articles to "Scripture Truth" magazine, which often provided the basis for books later published by the Central Bible Truth Depot. Hamilton Smith's written expositions of the Scriptures are brief: in keeping with a desire "to be nothing and to give Christ all the glory". Yet they are clear and very much to the point: "If we present doctrines with all the arguments for and against, leaving our hearers to judge whether it be true or not, we shall hardly be speaking with authority, but rather as those who are groping for the truth. We are to speak as those who, by grace, know the certainty of the truth they proclaim." He is probably best known for his Old Testament character studies, but he also wrote topical studies and expositions of Bible books. The present volume consists of a verse-by-verse study of the Gospel of Mark, with particular emphasis on the dispensational approach to its interpretation and application.

Selected pages


The Preparation of the Way of the Lord 1120
The Perfect Servant 12145
The Ministry of the Lord 2
The Change of Dispensation 3
Fruit for God and Light for Man 4
The Individual Blessing of Souls 5
The Service of Christ when Rejected 6
Man Exposed and God Revealed 7
The Power of the World to Come 9
Suffering and Glory 10145
Rejection of the King 10461126
The Exposure and Rejection of the Leaders 112712
The Great Tribulation 13
The Shadow of the Cross 14
The Cross 15
The Resurrection and Ascension 16

Christ in the Outside Place 8

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