Photosynthesis, Productivity, and Environmental Stress

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Parvaiz Ahmad, Mohammad Abass Ahanger, Mohammed Nasser Alyemeni, Pravej Alam
John Wiley & Sons, Nov 4, 2019 - Science - 352 pages

A guide to environmental fluctuations that examines photosynthesis under both controlled and stressed conditions

Photosynthesis, Productivity and Environmental Stress is a much-needed guide that explores the topics related to photosynthesis (both terrestrial and aquatic) and puts the focus on the basic effect of environmental fluctuations. The authors—noted experts on the topic—discuss photosynthesis under both controlled and stressed conditions and review new techniques for mitigating stressors including methods such as transgeneics, proteomics, genomics, ionomics, metabolomics, micromics, and more.

In order to feed our burgeoning world population, it is vital that we must increase food production. Photosynthesis is directly related to plant growth and crop production and any fluctuation in the photosynthetic activity imposes great threat to crop productivity. Due to the environmental fluctuations plants are often exposed to the different environmental stresses that cause decreased photosynthetic rate and problems in the plant growth and development. This important book addresses this topic and:

  • Covers topics related to terrestrial and aquatic photosynthesis
  • Highlights the basic effect of environmental fluctuations
  • Explores common stressors such as drought, salinity, alkalinity, temperature, UV-radiations, oxygen deficiency, and more
  • Contains methods and techniques for improving photosynthetic efficiency for greater crop yield

Written for biologists and environmentalists, Photosynthesis, Productivity and Environmental Stress offers an overview of the stressors affecting photosynthesis and includes possible solutions for improved crop production.


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Cold Stress and Photosynthesis
HighTemperature Stress and Photosynthesis Under Pathological Impact
Effect of Light Intensity on Photosynthesis
Regulation of Water Status Chlorophyll Content Sugar and Photosynthesis
Regulation of Photosynthesis Under Metal Stress
Recent Developments
Toward Understanding the Regulation of Photosynthesis under Abiotic
Current Understanding of the Regulatory Roles of miRNAs for Enhancing
Mineral Mobilizing Bacteria Mediated Regulation of Secondary Metabolites
Role of Plant Hormones in Improving Photosynthesis
Thermal and Chlorophyll
Introgression of C4 Pathway Genes in C3 Plants to Improve
Interaction of Photosynthesis Productivity and Environment
Enzyme in the Leaves of the Barakatli 95 and Garagylchyg 2 Genotypes

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PARVAIZ AHMAD, Department of Botany and Microbiology, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and Department of Botany, S. P. College, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, India.

MOHAMMAD ABASS AHANGER, College of Life Science, NorthWest A & F University, Yangling Shaanxi, China.

MOHAMMED NASSER ALYEMENI, Department of Botany and Microbiology, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

PRAVEJ ALAM, Department of Biology, Prince Sattam bin Abdul Aziz University, Alkharaj, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

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