Interprofessional Teamwork for Health and Social Care

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Wiley, Aug 23, 2010 - Medical - 208 pages
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This book forms part of a series entitled PromotingPartnership for Health publishedin association with the UKCentre for the Advancement of Interprofessional Education (CAIPE).The series explores partnership for health from policy, practiceand educational perspectives. Whilst strongly advocating theimperative driving collaboration in healthcare, it adopts apragmatic approach. Far from accepting established ideas andapproaches, the series alerts readers to the pitfalls and ways toavoid them.


Interprofessional Teamwork for Health and Social Care isan invaluable guide for clinicians, academics, managers andpolicymakers who need to understand, implement and evaluateinterprofessional teamwork. It will give them a fullerunderstanding of how teams function, of the issues relating to theevaluation of teamwork, and of approaches to creating andimplementing interventions (e.g. team training, quality improvementinitiatives) within health and social care settings. It will alsoraise awareness of the wide range of theories that can informinterprofessional teamwork.

The book is divided into nine chapters. The first 'sets thescene' by outlining some common issues which underpininterprofessional teamwork, while the second discusses currentteamwork developments around the globe. Chapter 3 explores a rangeof team concepts, and Chapter 4 offers a new framework forunderstanding interprofessional teamwork. The next three chaptersdiscuss how a range of range of social science theories,interventions and evaluation approaches can be employed to advancethis field. Chapter 8 presents a synthesis of research into teamsthe authors have undertaken in Canada, South Africa and the UK,while the final chapter draws together key threads and offers ideasfor future of teamwork. The book also provides a range of resourcesfor designing, implementing and evaluating interprofessionalteamwork activities.

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About the author (2010)

Scott Reeves, PhD, MSc is Director of Research at the Centrefor Faculty Development and a Scientist at the Li Ka ShingKnowledge Institute, St. Michael's Hospital. He is also a Scientistin the Wilson Centre and an Associate Professor in the Faculty ofMedicine, University of Toronto. He is a social scientist who hasbeen undertaking health professions education and health servicesresearch for nearly fifteen years. His main research interests areexploring and evaluating the processes and outcomes related tointerprofessional education and practice by use of ethnographic,mixed methods and systematic review. He was recently appointed asEditor-in-Chief, Journal of Interprofessional Care.

Merrick Zwarenstein, MB, BCh, MSc is a physician and ahealth services researcher.
He is the Inaugural Chair of the Centre for Health ServicesSciences at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Toronto. He is alsoa Senior Scientist at Sunnybrook Research Institute and at theInstitute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences, and an AssociateProfessor in the Department of Health Policy Management andEvaluation at the University of Toronto.

Sherry Espin, RN, PhD, MEd is a Registered Nurse and anAssociate Professor in the Daphne Cockwell School of Nursing,Ryerson University, Toronto. She previously held several positionsin perioperative clinical practice and education. She currentlyteaches in the post diploma and graduate programs at RyersonUniversity, with an emphasis on qualitative research,interprofessional education and collaboration, current issues andnursing practice courses.

Simon Lewin, MBChB, PhD, MSc trained as a physician andnow works as a social scientist and health service researcher. Heholds research positions in the Norwegian Knowledge Centre for theHealth Services and in the Health Systems Research Unit of MedicalResearch Council of South Africa, where his work is focused largelyon mixed method implementation research in low- and middle-incomecountries. He is also an editor for the Cochrane Consumers andCommunication Review Group and the Cochrane Effective Practice andOrganisation of Care Review Group.

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