Through the Jade Gate to Rome: A Study of the Silk Routes During the Later Han Dynasty 1st to 2nd Centuries CE : an Annotated Translation of the Chronicle on the 'Western Regions' in the Hou Hanshu

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BookSurge Publishing, 2009 - History - 689 pages
A 2nd revised, expanded and updated version of this book should be available for purchase in a few weeks so I would suggest prospective customers wait until it becomes available. This book is the product of 30 years of research on a key Chinese document based on a report to the Chinese Emperor in 125 CE, with a few later additions. It contains the earliest geographical, historical, political and cultural information in Chinese on the Roman Empire, India, Parthia, and many other kingdoms; their products, and the routes to them. A draft version of the book was posted on the University of Washington's 'Silk Road Seattle' website in 2000 with a plea for readers to send any criticisms or comments. The author has since been contacted by hundreds of scholars worldwide and their generous contributions have helped make this book an authoritative and useful historical source. This translation, the first in English, of the 'Chapter on the Western Regions' from the Hou Hanshu, is faced with the original Chinese, and is amply annotated for those wanting further information. There are also 20 appendices and two convenient maps at the end showing the main centres and routes.

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The Western Regions in the "Hou Hanshu ", December 17, 2009
By D. Gibson "webmaster," (Canada) 5.0 out of 5 stars The Western Regions in the "Hou Hanshu ", December 17, 2009
By D
. Gibson "webmaster,"
"For far too long, the western world has been self centered in their view of history. John Hill's annotated translation of this Chinese text helps us begin to see the ancient world in a new light. Imagine visiting the Silk Road between 25 and 200 AD! Hill does an excellent job in not only providing us with an accurate translation, but he also provides insights into life along the silk road two millennia ago! Be prepared, his notes are extensive and his research thorough. The Chinese text and English translation are a mere 60 pages... the notes are over 600 pages. This is my kind of book. Thoroughly researched, cross-referenced, footnoted, and well written. As a historian (Middle East) I have been fascinated by the ancient Chinese perspective of the world west of China. This book will appeal to any historian focusing on places along the Silk Route from China to Rome, but it will also appeal to anyone who would like to have a unique and fascinating glimpse into ancient history as only the Chinese could describe it."

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