Organizations and Strategies in Astronomy, Volume 4

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Andre Heck
Springer Science & Business Media, Dec 6, 2012 - Science - 330 pages
I am most grateful to Andr ́ e Heck for his invitation to write a foreword to OSA Volume 4 – I will use this valued opportunity to emphasise those topics in Vol. 4 which I consider important even if other topics may be of even greater importance in the universal scale of things. At the outset let me say that I commend Vol. 4 to its readers – it contains much of very great interest for organisations and strategies in astronomy. A topic which I consider to be of very great importance at this time is Adverse Environmental Impact on Astronomy. There are two papers on this topic in OSA 4 – Cohen on Strategies for Protecting Radio Ast- nomy and Schwarz on Light Pollution Control. The growth in the extent of use, the power and spectral demand for radio transmission continues to increase virtually exponentially. The impact on the ‘listening’ services such as radio astronomy has been severe. Only by creativity in developing new techniques for radio noise (including legal transmissions) reduction and by participating fully in the allocation process for radio frequencies has radio astronomy developed to the powerful investigative tool it is today.

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Table of Contents
The OSA Books series
Managing industry
Issues in Starting an Astrobiology Program
Worldwide efforts to stem the tide
Strategies for Protecting Radio Astronomy
Is There Still a Future?
A Personal View
The GAVRT experience for students
The CassiniJMOC Experience
The Future
The Institute for Scientific Information and the Science Citation
Organizing and Managing American Astronomical Society

Interference Mitigation
A Brief History of the Controversy Surrounding the Mount
The legislative and court fiasco
Public Observing Programs
Special Classes
Public Outreach Partnerships
Practical Popular Communication of Astronomy 1 Introduction
The Ideal Communication Office
The Production Flow
Target Groups
Product Types
Written Communication
Press Releases
Evolution and Prospects 1 The Actors
The Great Ambitions
Challenging Times
Timeline for Planning
The Selection Process
Comparison with other Countries
Recurrent Questions
Summary and recommendations
Acknowledgements References
The Changing Landscape Of Italian Astronomy 1 Foreword
The origin of present institutions
The National Institute for Astrophysics INAF
The community
University degrees
Big projects
An overlapping frontier
The social context
A travel guide through Italian astronomy
A Canadian Vision of International Astronomy and Astrophysics 1 Introduction
The Canadian Scene

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