Nuclear Radiation Nanosensors and Nanosensory Systems

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Paata J. Kervalishvili, Panayotis H. Yannakopoulos
Springer, Apr 11, 2016 - Science - 200 pages

This collection of selected review papers focuses on topics such as digital radiation sensors and nanosensory systems for nanotechnology applications and integrated X-ray/PET/CT detectors; nanophosphors and nanocrystal quantum dots as X-ray radiation sensors; the luminescence efficiency of CdSe/ZnS QD and UV-induced luminescence efficiency distribution; investigations devoted to the quantum and multi-parametrical nature of disasters and the modeling thereof using quantum search and quantum query algorithms; sum-frequency-generation, IR fourier and raman spectroscopy methods; as well as investigations into the vibrational modes of viruses and other pathogenic microorganisms aimed at creating optical biosensory systems. This is followed by a review of radiation resistant semiconductor sensors and magnetic measurement instrumentation for magnetic diagnostics of high-tech fission and fusion set-ups and accelerators; the evaluation of the use of neutron-radiation, 10B-enriched semiconducting materials as thin-film, highly reliable, highly sensitive and fast-acting robust solid-state electronic neutron-detectors; and the irradiation of n-Si crystals with protons, which converts the “metallic” inclusions to “dielectric” ones in isochronous annealing, therefore leading to opto/micro/nanoelectronic devices, including nuclear radiation nanosensors.

The book concludes with a comparative study of the nitride and sulfide chemisorbed layers; a chemical model that describes the formation of such layers in hydrazine-sulfide and water sodium sulfide solution; and recent developments in the microwave-enhanced processing and microwave-assisted synthesis of nanoparticles and nanomaterials using Mn(OH)2.


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Quantum Approach to Sensory Information Processing for Modeling of Disasters
Digital Radiation Sensors and Nanosensory Systems
Sensors for Magnetic Fields Measurement in High Level of Penetrating Radiation in Accelerators and New Generation Fusion Reactors
Formation and Annealing of Nanosized Atomic Clusters in nSi Crystals Irradiated with HighEnergy Protons
Luminescence Efficiency of Cadmium SelenideZinc Sulfide CdSeZnS Quantum Dot Nanoparticle Sensors Under XRay Excitation
Nitride and Sulfide Chemisorbed Layers as the Surface Passivants for A3B5 Semiconductors
Efficiency of Luminescence of LuGd2SiO5Ce LGSOCe Crystal Sensory Material in the XRay Imaging Range
Microwave in Environmental Technologies and Synthesis of Nanomaterials The Georgian Experience
Microwave Enhanced Producing of HighPurity Metallic Manganese and Composite Manganese Based Alloys
From Chernobyl to Fukushima The Environment is Acting as a Friend or an Enemy?
Oscillation and Optical Properties of Viruses and Other Pathogenic Microorganisms A Review Article
Neutron Detectors Based on 10BContaining Nanomaterials
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