The Birth of China Seen Through Poetry

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World Scientific, 2011 - Literary Collections - 254 pages
The book introduces Chinese culture to readers of English, using poetry from the various periods rendered into English verse to bring back to life past Chinese society as it developed from about 1000 B.C to the form we see today.

With China's increasing importance on the world stage today, many readers, no doubt, would want to learn more about its ancient culture. However, to learn about a culture from its history alone, especially one as long as that of China, is time-consuming and requires a historian's expert skill. This book offers the general reader a direct glimpse into the human core of it via the universally accessible channel of poetry.

It provides an outline of Chinese history from prehistoric times to the present printed mostly on left-hand pages, accompanied on the right by a selection of Chinese poems of the corresponding periods translated into English verse by the author. The poems total about eighty in number and come mostly from the classical phase dating from around 1000 B.C. to 1200 A.D.

Contents: Poems of the Spring and Autumn Period (7); Of the Warring States (3); Of the Qin Dynasty (1); Of the Han Dynasty (10); Of Wei, Jin and the Northern and Southern Dynasties (9); Of the Tang Dynasty (30); Of Song and the Preceeding Five Dynasties (18); Of Modern Times (4); Time-Line and Maps; Original Poems in Chinese; Glossary of Chinese Names and Terms.


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Introduction 前言
Prehistory 史前時代
The Spring and Autumn Period 春秋770475 BC
The Warring States 戰國475221 BC
The Qin Dynasty 秦221 206 BC
The Han Dynasty 漢206 BC220 AD
Wei Jin and the Northern and Southern Dynasties 魏晉南北朝 220624 AD
The Tang Dynasty 唐624907 AD
Song and its preceding Five Dynasties 宋附五代9071273 AD
Roundoff 结语
Timeline and Maps
Historical Sources Original Poems
A Recital of the Poems
Captions of Illustrations
Glossary of Chinese Names and Terms

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