z/OS Version 1 Release 11 Implementation, Pages 17-18

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This IBM® Redbooks® publication positions the new z/OS® Version 1 Release 11 for migration by discussing many of the new functions that are available. The goal for the z/OS platform is to eliminate, automate, and simplify tasks without sacrificing z/OS strengths, and to deliver a z/OS management facility that is easy to learn and use.
z/OS is a highly secure, scalable, high-performance enterprise operating system on which to build and deploy Internet- and JavaTM-enabled applications, providing a comprehensive and diverse application execution environment.
This books describes the following new and changed functions:
- IBM z/OS Management Facility
- Allocation enhancements in z/OS V1R11
- BCPii function enhancements in z/OS V1R11
- JES2 and JES3 enhancements
- zFS file sharing enhancements
- Extended access volume enhancements
- Choosing whether to run zAAP work on zIIP processors
- System REXX enhancements in V1R11
- RRS global panel options
- Service aids enhancements in V1R11
- GRS ENQ contention notification enhancements and analysis for GRS latches
- Basic HyperSwap® support enhancement
- Message Flood Automation enhancements
- Program Management new Binder IEWPARMS
- Predictive failure analysis (PFA)
- SMF enhancements in V1R11
- System Logger enhancements
- XCF/XES enhancements in V1R11
- AutoIPL support
- Displaying PDSE caching statistics
- ISPF enhancements
- IBM Health Checker for z/OS enhancements


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