IBM PowerVM Getting Started Guide

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IBM® PowerVM® virtualization technology is a combination of hardware and software that supports and manages virtual environments on IBM POWER5, POWER5+, POWER6®, and POWER7® processor-based systems. These systems are available on IBM Power SystemsTM and IBM BladeCenter® servers as optional editions, and are supported by the IBM AIX®, IBM i, and Linux operating systems. With this set of comprehensive systems technologies and services, you can aggregate and manage resources with a consolidated, logical view.

By deploying PowerVM virtualization and IBM Power Systems, you can take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Lower energy costs through server consolidation
  • Reduced cost of your existing infrastructure
  • Better management of the growth, complexity, and risk of your infrastructure

This IBM RedpaperTM publication is a quick start guide to help you install and configure a complete PowerVM virtualization solution on IBM Power Systems. It highlights how to use the following management console interfaces to configure PowerVM:

  • Integrated Virtualization Manager (IVM)
  • Hardware Management Console (HMC)
  • Systems Director Management Console (SDMC)

This paper also highlights advanced configuration of a dual Virtual I/O Server setup.

This paper targets new customers who need assistance with quickly and easily installing, configuring, and starting a new PowerVM server in a virtualized environment.


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