How to Use IBM Cloud Object Storage When Building and Operating Cloud Native Applications

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This IBM® RedpaperTM publication presents a series of tutorials for cloud native developers just getting started with IBM CloudTM and IBM Cloud Object Storage. Within the context of a car insurance application, this paper presents an introductory series of linked modules that allow developers unfamiliar with either IBM Cloud or cloud native development to get started with application development using IBM starter kits. This allows you to become familiar with the types of services available on IBM Cloud, and to develop a sense of which patterns and choices are appropriate for different use cases.

Some of the technologies and products covered in this book are Cloudant®, WatsonTM Analytics, machine learning, elastic search, Kubernetes, containers, pre-signed URLs, Aspera®, and SQL Query. In addition to the technical integration steps, it also presents a business case for integrating these technologies and products with IBM Cloud Object Storage.

The target audience for this paper is cloud native developers and cloud object storage specialists.


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