Software Defined Data Center with Red Hat Cloud and Open Source IT Operations Management

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This IBM® Redbooks® publication delivers a Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) solution for cloud workloads that uses Red Hat OpenStack for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Red Hat OpenShift for Platform as a Service (PaaS), and IT operations management that uses open source tools.

Today, customers are no longer living in a world of licensed software. Curiosity increased the demand for investigating the Open Source world for Community Open Source and Enterprise grade applications. IBM as one of the contributors to the Open Source community is interested in helping the software be maintained and supported. Having companies, such as IBM, support the evolution of Open Source software helps to keep the Open Source community striving for enterprise grade open source solutions.

Lately, companies are working on deciphering how to take advantage of Enterprise and Community Open Source to implement in their enterprises. The business case for open source software is no longer a mystery and no surprise that most of the new positions in IT enterprises are related to open source projects.
The ability of a large enterprise to manage this sort of implementations is to engage in a hypertrophied cooperation, where the ability to not only cooperate with teams and people outside your organization, but also to find new ways of working together and devise new ways to improve the software and its code.

A goal for this publication is to help the client's journey into the open source space and implement a private Cloud Container-based architecture with the ability to manage the entire IT Service Management processes from the open source framework.

This publication describes the architecture and implementation details of the solution. Although not every piece of this solution is documented here, this book does provide instructions for what was achieved incorporating open source technologies.

Moreover, with this publication, the team shares their collaboration experiences working in a team of technologists, open source developers, Red Hat, and the open source community.

This publication is for designers, developers, managers, and anyone who is considering starting a Cloud open source project, or users who started that journey. This book also can be a manual to guide the implementation of a technical viable architecture and help those enterprises participate in an open source project but have not done so before.

The reader must be familiar with principles in programming and basic software engineering concepts, such as source code, compilers, and patches.


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