The American Journal of Science, Volume 41; Volume 191

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J.D. & E.S. Dana, 1916 - Earth sciences

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Page 240 - Potomac formation, as shown by the silicified examples, it is probable that most of the lignite may be also of this genus, particularly as there is in many cases a marked resemblance, so far as I am able to interpret the distorted structure, between it and some of the species described from silicified specimens.
Page 495 - The area of this rim was determined with difficulty, but repeated measurements led to the conclusion that "the force per unit area which the crystals exert .... is of the same order of magnitude as the ascertained resistance which the crystals offered to crushing stresses."4 In 1913 Bruhns and Mecklenburg published a paper6 in which they claim to have repeated the experiment of Becker and Day with negative results.
Page 194 - ... flashes of lightning from above. Soon followed an immense volume of sand and cinders, which were thrown in high heaven and came down in a destructive shower for many miles around. Some few persons of the forward company were burned to death by the sand and cinders, and others were seriously injured. All experienced a suffocating sensation upon the lungs, and hastened on with all possible speed. " The rear body, which was nearest the volcano at the time of the eruption, seemed to suffer the least...
Page 474 - ... for it is only in this way that it will be possible to coordinate the various observations in a satisfactory way.
Page 183 - Cro-Magnons and the Neanderthals. The chief source of the change which swept over western Europe lay in the brain power of the Cro-Magnons, as seen not only in the large size of the brain as a whole but principally in the almost modern forehead and forebrain. It was a race which had evolved...
Page 194 - The company in advance had not proceeded far before the ground began to shake and rock beneath their feet, and it became quite impossible to stand. Soon a dense cloud of darkness was seen to rise out of the crater, and, almost at the same instant, the thunder began to roar in the heavens and the lightning to flash. It continued to ascend and spread around until the whole region was enveloped, and the light of day was entirely excluded.
Page 335 - This Detailed County Report covers one of the principal areas of the great Pocahontas or "Smokeless" coal fields of West Virginia, giving a complete account of each coal bed, with analyses, estimates of unmined tonnage and Topographic and Structural Maps showing the elevation, dip and strike of the principal coal beds, including the famous No. 3 Pocahontas, covering the Counties of Wyoming and McDowell, the latter leading every other county of West Virginia in the production of coal of the highest...
Page 104 - Andrews hi his paper says: The Viti Levu salt water arms, therefore, with their contained deltas, suggest the submergence of the Viti Levu coastal lowland in recent time, with the consequent drowning of the lower portions of the river courses. The island is girt with a Great Barrier Reef, several hundreds of miles in length, broken here and there by passages. The present Great Barrier Reef, which rises to the level of the sea, has thus, in all probability, been built up by coral-reef organisms upon...
Page 182 - IN the whole racial history of western Europe there has never occurred so profound a change as that involving the disappearance of the Neanderthal race and the appearance of the CroMagnon race. It was the replacement of a race lower than any existing human type by one which ranks high among the existing types in capacity and intelligence.
Page 194 - ... the whole region was enveloped, and the light of day was entirely excluded. The darkness was the more terrific, being made visible by an awful glare from streams of red and blue light, variously combined through the action of the fires of the pit and the flashes of lightning above.

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