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J.D. & E.S. Dana, 1922 - Earth sciences

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Page 482 - of Washington. Two volumes annually, in MONTHLY NUMBERS of about 80 pages each. This Journal ended its first series of 50 volumes as a quarterly in 1845; its second series of 50 volumes as a two.monthly in 1870; its third series as a monthly ended December, 1895 A
Page 482 - of Science ESTABLISHED BY BENJAMIN SILLIMAN IN 1818. THE LEADING SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL IN THE UNITED STATES. Devoted to the Physical and Natural Sciences, with special reference to Physics and Chemistry on the one hand, and to Geology and Mineralogy on the other. Editor: EDWARD S. DANA. Associate
Page 482 - SubscrIption price $6 per year, or 50 cents a number, postage prepaid in the United States; $6.25 to Canada; $640 to foreign subscribers of countries in the Postal Union. A few sets on sale of the
Page 151 - wide upper valley of the Clearwater River, a most perfectly exposed series of limestones, shales, and sandstones of Upper Cambrian and later formations was found, which cleared up the relations of the upper portion of the Glacier Lake section to the Ordovician above.
Page 18 - and biotite, which is apparently new. A study of the relations of the minerals indicates that the rock originally consisted of augite and chrysolite and was nearly completely consolidated as such. These minerals were then attacked, with lowering temperature, probably by their own interstitial liquid as it changed in composition, and were replaced by monticellite,
Page 19 - melilites so formed are analogous to natural melilites in composition and optical properties. It is thus proved experimentally that nephelite reacts with diopside to form melilite, a reaction analogous to that which is considered to have taken place between augite and alkalic liquid in the natural rocks. This reaction is of the nature of a
Page 18 - and biotite with marialite, perovskite and titaniferous magnetite as minor products of the reaction. The monticellite is itself replaced by melilite and biotite and the melilite-biotite rock is the end product of the replacement. The replacement was accomplished by an alkalic liquid (magma) which formed monticellite from augite by desilicating it and later gave rise to melilite and the more definitely
Page 151 - north of Lake Louise, a geological section was studied that tied in the base of the Glacier Lake section of 1919 with the Middle and Lower Cambrian
Page 380 - under the joint auspices of the Carnegie Institution of Washington and the National Academy of Sciences,
Page 227 - also booklet giving the names and post-office addresses of all the princip¿al coal mining operators in West Virginia up to July 1st,

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