Homer's Odyssey, Volume 2

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Clarendon Press, 1901 - 512 pages
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Page 488 - It might be assumed that the whole square between the pillars was open; but so large an aperture, even in the southern climate of Tiryns, would have made the hall temporarily uninhabitable in winter. It would answer much better to cover the square included by the pillars, after the manner of a basilica, with a higher roof; in the vertical walls of the...
Page 321 - Universum aestimanti unus bis carminibus insit color, aut certe quam egregie carmini utrique suus color constet, quam apte ubique tempora rebus, res temporibus, aliquot loci adeo sibi...
Page 512 - HORACE and the ELEGIAC POETS. With a Memoir of the Author by ANDREW LANG, MA, and a Portrait.
Page 517 - The Polyphonic Period. Part I (Method of Musical Art, 330-1330).
Page 321 - Iliad, p. xxii: quoties.. .penitus immergor in ilium veluti prono et liquido alveo decurrentem tenorem actionum et narrationum : quoties animadverto ac reputo mecum quam in universum aestimanti unus his carminibus insit color. ..vix mihi quisquam irasci et succensere gravius poterit, quam ipse facio mihi.
Page 380 - cyclic' poets. It was evidently composed as a sequel to the Odyssey, and conclusion of the heroic story. The argument in Proclus is as follows : — After the burial of the suitors Ulysses sacrifices to the nymphs and then goes to visit his herds in Elis, where he is entertained by Polyxenus. The stories of Trophonius, Agamede and Augeas are related. After returning to Ithaca to perform the sacrifices prescribed by...
Page 515 - s. 6d. Republic. The Greek Text. Edited, with Notes and Essays, by B. Jowett, MA and Lewis Campbell, MA In three vols. Medium 8vo.
Page 464 - ... of a great King of Mykene as warring on the coast of Asia. To one who knew Greece only from Herodotus and Thucydides the story would seem absurd. In their pages Mykene ' appears utterly insignificant ; Homer's picture of it as the capital of Peloponnesos might be cast aside as wholly incredible. But go to the place itself, look at the wonderful remains of early magnificence which are still there, and the difficulty at once vanishes. Legend and archaeology between them have kept alive a truth...
Page 469 - Ytalie est. Et sicut illud cremonense ac illud lombardum et tertium semilatium dicitur, sic istud, quod totius Ytalie est, latium vulgare vocatur. Hoc enim usi sunt doctores illustres qui lingua vulgari poetati sunt in Ytalia, ut Siculi, Apuli, Tusci, Romandioli, Lombardi et utriusque Marchie viri.
Page 321 - Homeri lectionem et interpretationem .... atque ita penitus immergor in ilium veluti prono et liquido alveo decurrentem tenorem actionum et narrationum ; quoties animadverto ac reputo mecum, quam in...

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