The History of the Primitive Yankees, Or, The Pilgrim Fathers in England and Holland

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Columbia Publishing Company, 1881 - Fisheries - 62 pages
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Page 51 - ... about and resolved to stand for the southward (the wind and weather being fair) to find some place about Hudson's River for their habitation. But after they had sailed that course about half the day, they fell amongst dangerous shoals and roaring breakers, and they were so far entangled therewith as they conceived themselves in great danger; and the wind shrinking upon them withal, they resolved to bear up again for the Cape...
Page 24 - And as for those which we call Brownists, being, when they were at the most, a very small number of very silly and base people, here and there in corners dispersed, they are now, thanks be to God, by the good remedies that have been used, suppressed and worn out ; so as there is scarce any news of them.
Page 47 - God's woord, or passive yf itt bee, except pardon can bee obtayned. 4. Wee judg itt lawfull for his Majesty to apoynt bishops, civill overseers, or officers in awthoryty onder hime, in ye severall provinces, dioses, congregations or parrishes to oversee ye Churches and governe them civilly according to ye Lawes of ye Land...
Page 39 - Cursed be he that doeth the work of the LORD deceitfully, and cursed be he that keepeth back his sword from blood.
Page 41 - Your temples," says Robinson, "especially your Cathedrals and Mother Churches, stand still in their proud majesty, possessed by archbishops and lord bishops, like the Flamens and Arch-flamens amongst the Gentiles, from whom they were derived, and furnished with all manner of pompous and superstitious monuments, as carved and painted images, massing copes and surplices, chanting and organ music, and many other glorious ornaments of the Romish harlot, by which her majesty is commended to and admired...
Page 47 - Land, untto whom ye ar in all thinges to geve an account & by them to bee ordered according to Godlynes. 5. The authoryty of ye present bishops in ye Land wee do acknolidg so far forth as ye same is indeed derived from his Majesty untto them and as ye proseed in his name, whom wee will also theerein honor in all things and hime in them.
Page 46 - Counsell of England to bee considered of in respeckt of their judgments occationed about theer going to Virginia, Anno 1618. 1. To y e confession of fayth published in y e name of y e Church of England & to every artikell theerof wee do w th y e reformed churches wheer wee live & also els where assent wholy.
Page 29 - That godly magistrates," he said, " are by compulsion to repress public and notable idolatry, as also to provide that the truth of God, in his ordinance, be taught and published in their dominions, I make no doubt ; it may be also, it is not unlawful for them, by some penalty or other, to provoke their subjects universally unto hearing for their instruction and conversion ; yea, to grant they...
Page 14 - He was first a school-master, then a lecturer at Islington ; but being a fiery, hot-headed young man, he went about the countries, inveighing against the discipline and ceremonies of the church, and exhorting the people by no means to comply with them.

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