Things Korean: A Collection of Sketches and Anecdotes, Missionary and Diplomatic

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F. H. Revell Company, 1908 - Korea - 256 pages
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Page 10 - If other Powers deal unjustly or oppressively with either Government, the other will exert their good offices, on being informed of the case, to bring about an amicable arrangement, thus showing their friendly feelings.
Page 256 - ... created an English peer in 1868. Lord Gormanston married, in 1836, Lucretia, eldest daughter of the late Mr. William Charles Jerningham, and cousin of the present Lord Stafford, by whom he had a family of two sons and three daughters. MR. HADOW. Mr. Patrick Douglas Hadow, for nearly ten years chairman of the Board of Directors of the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company, died at Buxton, on September 5. Mr. Hadow was, we believe, the only surviving director of the original .Board of...
Page 72 - This entente became a contest between the conservative party assisted by the Chinese, and the progressists aided by Japan. There were days of severe fighting and nights when the city was illuminated by the burning of the dwellings of prominent natives who had been assassinated. The Japanese fought well but they had only one hundred and forty soldiers as against some thousands of Chinese troops. They were finally obliged to...
Page 216 - Korea has taken that treaty to mean just what the words say, while we seem to have utterly disregarded the solemn promise we therein voluntarily made, that we would lend her our good offices should she be oppressed by a third power ; thus breaking faith with a people who trusted us implicitly, and who consented to the opening of her doors on this guarantee of friendly aid.
Page 125 - Travelling through the country one often notices at a hamlet two or more men off by themselves engaged in whispered conversation. These men are surely plotting to gain some advantage over another. Entertain an official alone, even in a large room, and he will edge up to you and begin to whisper.
Page 179 - Let a gentlemanly missionary come to this community, possessed of some talent that makes him a desirable acquisition, whether it be a good voice for singing, the ability to make music upon some instrument, or skill in some good vigorous game of athletics; let him even be a good story-teller, or be simply endowed with good sense and good nature, backed by learning, and he will be taken up gladly and find real human sympathy, even if this may not extend to his work for the natives, in just the comprehensive...
Page 72 - ... honour of the opening of the post-office, and where murder had been committed. After being rushed across the city under an escort of native troops, I found the foreign representatives and the high native dignitaries spattered with blood and terribly agitated, while the host of the evening, Prince Min, was lying at the point of death with arteries severed and seven sword cuts on his head and body. This man had just returned from America where he had gone to ratify our treaty with his country,...
Page 234 - American was the only successful one ; due to the fact that, as the result of a long train of circumstances, it had become known to me exactly which district was considered the richest by the natives, and it was this district, twenty-five by thirty miles in extent, that I named in the concession.
Page 134 - We went through the crowded main street, he on his wheel and I on a horse. As this appalling looking object came in sight the throngs of people rushed to the middle of the street for a good view, and as it came nearer they fell back in unfeigned astonishment amounting to open-mouthed alarm, as the strangest thing they had ever seen glided through the narrow passage left for it. As the high wheel and its rider passed and was seen to be harmless and simply another of the strange freaks of the newly-arrived...
Page 125 - These men are surely plotting to gain some advantage over another. Entertain an official alone, even in a large room, and he will edge up to you and begin to whisper. It is the same manifestation of the native aptitude for intrigue, which makes them excellent as starters and destroyers, but unsatisfactory as sustainers of an undertaking. The villagers scheme against a successful neighbor ; the court official pleads for the influence of the foreigner to enhance hts own power at court ; in both cases...

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