Transactions of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Volumes 1-5

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American Society of Mechanical Engineers., 1884 - Mechanical engineering
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Vols. 2, 4-11, 62-68 include the Society's Membership list; v. 55-80 include the Journal of applied mechanics (also issued separately) as contributions from the Society's Applied Mechanics Division.

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Page 171 - Resolved, — That the secretary be instructed to transmit a copy of these resolutions to the family of...
Page 265 - Water meters, as a rule, should only be used as a check on other measurements. For accurate work, the water should be weighed or measured in a tank. 3. Thermometers and pyrometers for taking temperatures of air, steam, feed-water, waste gases, etc.
Page xxii - Vice-President or Manager shall be eligible for immediate re-election to the same office at the expiration of the term for which he was elected.
Page 264 - Have an understanding with the parties in whose interest the test is to be made as to the character of the coal to be used. The coal must be dry, or if wet, a sample must be dried carefully and a determination of the amount of moisture in the coal made...
Page 264 - ... disconnected, such pipes may be drilled so as to leave openings in their lower sides, which should be kept open throughout the test as a means of detecting leaks or accidental or unauthorized opening of valves. During the test the blow-off pipe should remain exposed. If an injector is used it must receive steam directly from the boiler being tested, and not from a steam-pipe or from any other boiler.
Page 267 - ... portion. It is desirable that at the same time the amount of water fed into the boiler should be accurately noted and recorded, including the height of the water in the boiler and the average pressure of steam and temperature of feed during the time. By thus recording the amount of water evaporated by successive portions of coal, the...
Page 351 - ... the manufacture and supply of gas, or the supply of light or heat to the public by any other means.
Page 352 - ... highways and impairing the free use thereof as little as possible, and subject to such regulations as the councils of said borough, town, city or district may adopt in regard to grades or for the protection and convenience of public travel over the same...
Page xxi - The affairs of the Society shall be managed by a Council consisting of a Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, and twelve elected Members, five to make a quorum.
Page xix - ENGINEERS are to promote the Arts and Sciences connected with the economical production of the useful minerals and metals, and the welfare of those employed in these industries, by means of meetings for social intercourse, and the reading and discussion of professional papers, and to circulate, by means of publications among its members and associates, the information thus obtained.

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