Chronicle of Scottish Poetry: From the Thirteenth Century to the Union of the Crowns, Volume 1

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J. Sibbald, 1802 - Scots language
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Page 244 - In freiris weid full fairly haif I fleichit, In it haif I in pulpet gon and preichit In Derntoun kirk, and eik in Canterberry; In it I past at Dover our the ferry Throw Piccardy, and thair the peple teichit.
Page 181 - He wes the laithliest on to luk that on the ground mycht gang; His nailis wes lyk ane hellis cruk, Thairwith fyve quarteris lang. Thair wes nane that he ourtuk, In rycht or yit in wrang, Bot all in schondir he thame schuke The gyane wes so strang.
Page 20 - Were so ouercome with plesance and delyte, Only through latting of myn eyen fall, That sudaynly my hert become hir thrall, For ever of free wyll, for of manace * There was no takyn* in her suete face.
Page 16 - Sen every wight has thereof suffisance, That I behold, and I a creature Put from all this — hard is myn aventure!
Page 21 - And, above all this, there was, wele I wote Beautee eneuch to mak a world to dote. About hir neck, quhite as the fyre amaille, A gudelie cheyne of...
Page 286 - Rute of all evill and grund of vyce, That nevir cowd be content...
Page 118 - Lo quhair thay raik on raw: quhat hes marrit the in thy mude, makyne, to me thow schaw; Or quhat is lufe, or to be lude? Fane wald I leir that law.
Page 23 - Thou sufferit quhilom, quhen thy brestis wete Were with the teres of thyne eyen clere All bludy ronne, that pitee was to here...
Page 24 - Here is the tyme to fyng, or ellis never. 1 tho* eke thus gif I my handis clap, Or gif I caft, than will fche flee away ; And, gif I hald my pes, than will fche nap ; And gif I crye, fche wate not quhat I fay : Thus quhat is beft, wate I not be this day, , Bot blawe wynd, blawe, and do the leuis...
Page 278 - Than cam in Dunbar the mackar, On all the flure thair was nane frackar ; And thair he dancet the dirrye dantoun, He hoppet lyk a pillie wanton 25 For luff of Musgraeffe, men tellis me ; He trippet quhill he tint his panton : A mirrear dance mycht na man se.

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