Historical Records of the Buffs, East Kent Regiment, 3rd Foot, Formerly Designated the Holland Regiment and Prince George of Denmark's Regiment

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Gale and Polden, 1905

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Page 488 - her army has had a glorious victory. Monsieur Tallard and two other generals are in my coach, and I am following the rest. The bearer, my aide-de-camp, Colonel Parke, will give her an account of what has passed. I shall do it in a day or two, by another more at large. Marlborough.
Page 326 - Saved, cried Trim interrupting Yorick, and finishing the sentence for him after his own fashion—he had saved five battalions an' please your Reverence, every soul of them. There was Cutts's, continued the Corporal, clapping the fore finger of his right hand upon the thumb of his left, and counting round his
Page 196 - every one having a pouch full ; they had furr'd caps with coped crownes ( like Janizaries, which made them looke very fierce, and some had long hoods hanging down behind, as we picture fools. Their clothing being likewise pybald, yellow and red.
Page 170 - our generation knows Mulgrave chiefly as a poetaster, and despises him as such. In truth, however, he was by the acknowledgment of those who neither loved nor esteemed him a man distinguished by fine parts, and in parliamentary eloquence inferior to scarcely any orator of his time. His moral character was entitled to no respect. He was
Page 31 - of August on horseback at the camp at Tilbury, and riding through the lines, exhorted the soldiers to remember their duty to their country and religion, and professed her intention to lead them herself into the field against the enemy, and rather to perish in battle than to survive the slavery of her people.
Page 348 - saw that vast sheet of rich scarlet spreading from Landen to Neerwinden could hardly help fancying that the figurative prediction of the Hebrew prophet was literally accomplished, that the earth was disclosing her blood, and refusing to cover the slain.
Page 347 - It is probable that among the hundred and twenty thousand soldiers who were marshalled round Neerwinden under all the Standards of Western Europe, the two feeblest in body were the
Page 500 - peril, and elevated them at once to security, victory, and conquest The decisive blow struck at Blenheim resounded through every part of Europe ; it at once destroyed the vast fabric of power which it had taken Louis XIV. . . so long to construct.
Page 348 - two more terrible days, the day of Malplaquet and the day of Waterloo. During many months the ground was strewn with skulls and bones of men and horses and with fragments of hats and shoes, saddles and holsters. The next summer the soil, fertilised by twenty thousand corpses, broke forth into millions of poppies. The traveller who, on the road from St. Tron to
Page 471 - I know the danger, yet a battle is absolutely necessary, and I rely on the bravery and discipline of the troops, which will make amends for our disadvantages." In the evening orders were issued

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