A Short history of Aryan medical science

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Macmillan, 1896 - Hindu civilization - 280 pages
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Page 150 - God can prevent each act from bringing about its own consequences. Misery or happiness in this life is the unavoidable result of our conduct in a past life ; and our actions here will determine our happiness or misery in the life to come.
Page 180 - Hirschberg of Berlin says : — " The whole plastic surgery in Europe had taken its new flight when these cunning devices of Indian workmen became known to us. The transplanting of sensible skin flaps is also an entirely Indian method.
Page 60 - Brahmawas, and the ruler (of the country), for the sake of protection, as well as his Gurus. 154. Let him reverentially salute venerable men (who visit him), give them his own seat, let him sit near them with joined...
Page 195 - Sushruta borrowed his system of medicine from the Greeks ; on the contrary, there is much to tell against such an idea.
Page 167 - WE are apt to speak of astrology as though it were an altogether contemptible superstition, and to contemplate with pity those who believed in it in old times. And yet, if we consider the matter aright, we must concede, I think, that of all the errors into which men have fallen in their desire to penetrate into futurity, astrology is the most respectable, one may even say the most reasonable.
Page 203 - We are not there brought in contact with savage tribes who melt away before the superior force and intelligence of Europeans. Rather are we placed in the midst of great and ancient peoples, who, some of them tracing back their origin to the same stock as ourselves, attained a high degree of civilization when our forefathers were barbarians, and had a polished language, a cultivated literature, and abstruse systems of philosophy, centuries before English existed even in name.
Page 181 - Wise observes in this connection that, "the Hindu philosophers undoubtedly deserve the credit of having, though opposed by strong prejudice, entertained sound and philosophical views respecting the uses of the dead to the living, and were the first scientific and successful cultivators of the most important and essential of all the departments of medical knowledge, practical anatomy".
Page 144 - They are extremely long-lived, every man of them living to 150 or 200 years. They eat very little, but what they do eat is good ; rice and milk chiefly. And these people make use of a very strange beverage ; for they make a potion of sulphur and quicksilver mixt together and this they drink twice every month.
Page 92 - The clay thus eaten blocks the lumen of the several veins and stops the circulation of the blood.

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