Explanations: A Sequel to "Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation"

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Wiley & Putnam, 1846 - Creation - 142 pages
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Page 211 - OBSTETRIC MEDICINE AND SURGERY, in reference to the Process of Parturition. A new and enlarged edition, thoroughly revised by the Author. With Additions by WV...
Page 211 - DR. MILLINGEN. ON THE TREATMENT AND MANAGEMENT OF THE INSANE; with Considerations on Public and Private Lunatic Asylums. 18mo. cloth, 4s. 6d.
Page 148 - ... in nature the law of the tendency of fluids to distribute themselves so as to equalize the pressure on every side of each of their particles ; as in the case of the trade winds, and the monsoons. Lightning might once have been supposed to obey no laws; but since it has been ascertained to be identical with electricity, we know that the very same phenomenon in some of its manifestations is implicitly obedient to the action of fixed causes. I do not believe that there is now one object or event...
Page 179 - The process of tracing regularity in any complicated and at first sight confused set of appearances, is necessarily tentative : we begin by making any supposition, even a false one, to see what consequences will follow from it ; and by observing how these differ from the real phenomena, we learn what corrections to make in our assumption.
Page 212 - A MANUAL FOR THE COLLEGE OF SURGEONS; intended for the Use of Candidates for Examination and Practitioners. Second Edition. 12mo. cloth, 10s. in. GREGORY'S CONSPECTUS MEDICINE THEORETICS. The First Part, containing the Original Text, with an Ordo Verborum, and Literal Translation. 12mo. cloth, 10s. IV.
Page 213 - MR. SHAW, MRCS THE MEDICAL REMEMBRANCER ; OR, BOOK OF EMERGENCIES : in which are concisely pointed out the Immediate Remedies to be adopted in the First Moments of Danger from Poisoning, Drowning, Apoplexy, Burns, and other Accidents; with the Tests for the Principal Poisons, and other useful Information.
Page 16 - almost always seen to assume, at the instant of their formation, a movement of rotation upon themselves— s, movement which constantly takes place in the same direction as that of the ring. Moreover, as the ring, at the instant of its rupture, had still a remainder of velocity, the spheres to which it has given birth tend to fly off at a tangent ; but as, on the other side, the...
Page 45 - There were seas supporting crustacean and molluscan life, but utterly devoid of a class of tenants who seem able to live in every example of that element which supports meaner creatures. This single fact, that only invertebrated animals now lived, is surely in itself a strong proof that, in the course of nature, time was necessary for the creation of the superior creatures.
Page 213 - Edited by GILBERT BURNETT, FLS, Professor of Botany in King's College. In three handsome royal 8vo. volumes, illustrated by Two Hundred Engravings, beautifully drawn and coloured from nature, cloth lettered. Reduced from 6. 6s. to 4. " The most complete and comprehensive work on Medical Botany...
Page 213 - Pharmacopoeia, arranged in Classes according to their Action, with their Composition and Doses. By a Practising Physician.

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