Napoleon Bonaparte: his sayings and his deeds, Volume 2

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Page 186 - my wish that my ashes may repose on the banks of the Seine, and in the midst of the French people, whom I have loved so well." During the Restoration no steps were taken towards fulfilling the Emperor's last request, but after the Revolution of
Page 49 - The bull is arrived, and there are only a few expressions to alter. People will say that I am a Papist: I was a Mohammedan in Egypt; and I shall be a Catholic here for the good of the people. I do not believe in religion. . . . But the idea of a
Page 217 - Citizen soldiers, the President of the Council of Five Hundred declares to you that the majority of the Council is at present intimidated by a few of its members, who are armed with daggers, and who threaten their colleagues with death. These brigands, who are no doubt in the pay of England, have rebelled against the Council of
Page 183 - but only to 1500 or 2000 according to others. Bonaparte was walking with Bourrienne in front of his tent when he saw this multitude of men approaching, and he said to his secretary, in a tone of vexation, " What do they wish me to do with these men ? Have I
Page 151 - must make one nation out of all the European states, and Paris must be the capital of the world. There must be all over Europe but one code, one court of appeal, one currency, one system of weights and
Page 6 - the affairs of a great and powerful nation. His Majesty looks only to the security of his own dominions and those of his allies, and to the general safety of Europe. Whenever he shall judge that
Page 166 - declared that Napoleon Bonaparte, in consequence of sundry arbitrary acts and violations of the constitution (which were specified and classed under various heads in the preamble to the decree), and by his refusing to treat with the allies upon honourable conditions, had forfeited the throne and the right of inheritance established in his family, and that the people and the
Page 89 - don't think that the French people care much about liberty and equality; the French have not been changed by ten years of revolution; they are still what the Gauls were, high-spirited and changeable. They have one feeling, that of honour. We must,
Page 152 - from Elba, he said to Benjamin Constant, " I desired the empire of the world, and who in my situation would not? The world invited me to govern it; sovereigns and subjects vied with each other in bending before my sceptre. I have rarely found any opposition in France.
Page 131 - Russia made no sacrifices ; on the contrary, she obtained a part of Prussian Poland. But there were secret articles to the treaty, by which France allowed Russia to take Finland from Sweden, and Russia, on her part, promised to close her ports against British vessels. On the 9th of July Napoleon left

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