A System of Boat Armament in the United States Navy: Reported to ... Bureau of Ordnance and Hydrography

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Page 104 - day of June, the troops being assembled in the boats before day-break, in three divisions, several sloops and frigates, that were stationed along shore, in the bay of Gabarus, began to scour the beach with their shot; and, after the fire had continued about a quarter of an hour, the boats
Page 110 - extending along shore, which could have served as a cover to the enemy, from whence they might have annoyed the troops in re-embarking: for this reason a proposal was made to the general that the forces should be reembarked from a fair open beach on the left, between St. Gas and
Page 104 - Louisbourg was 12,000 men, while the French garrison numbered about 3200. The historian states that— " The governor had taken all the precautions in his power to prevent a landing, by establishing a chain of posts that extended two leagues and a half along the most
Page 82 - Thus if the fuze be adjusted to 2", and the piece elevated by the sight, raised to the line on it marked 2", then the shrapnel will burst about 500 yards from the piece, and spread its balls from that point to a considerable distance farther—effectively, at least 150 yards. The
Page 66 - One of the essential points in the fuze is CERTAINTY OF IGNITION. The surface of composition presented to the action of the flame from the charge of the gun, is sometimes left smooth and hard, or it is covered with a priming, porous and rough, and in other cases it has a small quick-match worked in, so as to create a greater
Page 93 - The boat-carriage should be so placed in the bow as to carry the muzzle of the howitzer just above and clear of the gunwale and stem. Two pieces of yellow pine are laid athwart-ship, so as to bear the carriage at this height, and on them it traverses when pivoted at the stem. The warping chocks at the stem and stern-post should not be
Page 85 - (Moritz Meyer, p. 399.) When the hostile force is sheltered, especially by such quarters as small craft or merchantmen afford, or when material of any kind is the object of the fire, then the shell can, no doubt, be advantageously substituted for shrapnel. CHAPTER
Page 94 - opposite bow. If it be pivoted on the one bow, it can be used on the opposite bow by bolting the rear of the slide to the pivot-plate on that side, and reversing the gun and its bed on the slide. To sustain the carriage in sweeping, when pivoted to the bow, a piece of yellow pine scantling is placed lengthwise and
Page 22 - including chamber I in diameters Chamber, length . . Length from BR to muzzle-face Diameter of cylinder Diameter of chase Length of cylinder . Length of chase From base ring to axis of loop Hole in loop, length
Page 33 - to endure the recoil. The trail has a small wheel or runner to ease it over any obstacle, and it is found preferable in draught to attach the drag-rope to the trail. The carriage weighs rather less than 500 Ibs., and with its piece is drawn readily by a dozen men, a force always disposable from any boat that could carry a gun of this class.

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