Volapük: An Easy Method of Acquiring the Universal Language Constructed by Johann Martin Schleyer, Prepared for the English-speaking Public ...

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Caspar, 1887 - Volapük - 130 pages
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Page 6 - ... these three headings we will sketch the traits which should make the projected universal language. I. Phonetics.— We believe all will assent to the following propositions : The orthography of the universal language should be absolutely phonetic. Every letter in it should always have the same sound. This sound should be one common to all the leading Aryan languages, and hence present no 'difficulty to a person speaking any one of them. Diphthongs, digraphs and double consonants should all be...
Page 7 - ... is at bottom more plausible than well-founded. The analytical form of our modern languages is the product, not of a certain tendency of the mind towards this or that exterior form of thought, but a simple displacement of the tonic accent, or, to speak more clearly, of the loss of the intensity of the secondary in favor of the principal accent.
Page 6 - The vowels should be limited to the five pure vowels — a, e, i, o, u — pronounced as in Italian, and all impure or modified vowel sounds should be discarded.
Page 129 - Volapuk, An Easy Method of Acquiring the Universal Language Constructed by JM Schleyer.
Page 71 - ... flento, instead of blefiko, modiko, flentiko. 41. Some adverbs of place receive a different form to indicate direction (19); and interrogative adverbs beginning with ki- have a relative form beginning with krl- (26).

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