Historical Record of the Seventy-fourth Regiment (Highlanders): Containing an Account of the Formation of the Regiment in 1787, and of Its Subsequent Services to 1850

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Parker, Furnivall and Parker, 1847 - 146 pages
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my great grandfather served with the 74 regiment of foot in Gib.in1870

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Great to find this on line. My GGGrandfather served in the 74th from about 1806 to the late teens or 1820s. Would be a fine thing to retrace his path through Portugal Spain and France.
Too bad pg 44 is missing as it might help pin down some info on the period I believe he joined up.

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Page x - Caesar's favourite tenth legion. Their arms consisted of spears, short swords, and other weapons of rude construction. They had chariots, to the axles of which were fastened sharp pieces of iron resembling scythe-blades, and infantry in long chariots resembling waggons, who alighted and fought on foot, and for change of ground, pursuit or retreat, sprang into the chariot and drove off with the speed of cavalry. These inventions were, however, unavailing against Caesar's legions: in the course of...
Page 70 - Nor would I be understood to select these as pre-eminent ; many and signal were the other examples of unbounded devotion, some known, some that will never be known; for in such a tumult much passed unobserved, and often the observers fell themselves ere they could bear testimony to what they saw; but no age, no nation, ever sent forth braver troops to battle than those who stormed Badajos.
Page i - FOR HER MAJESTY'S STATIONERY OrFicic. GENERAL ORDERS. HORSE-GUARDS, 1st January, 1836. His MAJESTY has been pleased to command that, with a view of doing the fullest justice to Regiments, as well as to Individuals who have distinguished themselves by their Bravery in Action with the Enemy, an Account of the Services of every Regiment in the British Army shall be published under the superintendence and direction of the Adjutant-General; and that this Account shall contain the following particulars,...
Page 29 - I went out to push forward the pickets of the infantry to support the Mysore cavalry, and to take up the ground of our encampment, I could perceive distinctly a long line of infantry, cavalry, and artillery, regularly drawn up on the plains of Argaum, immediately in front of that village, and about six miles from this place, at which I intended to encamp.
Page ii - The Names of those Officers who, in consideration of their Gallant Services and Meritorious Conduct in Engagements with the Enemy, have been distinguished with Titles, Medals, or other Marks of His Majesty's gracious favour. The Names of all such Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers, and Privates, as may have specially signalized themselves in Action. And, • The Badges and Devices which the Regiment may have been permitted to bear, and the Causes on account of which such Badges or Devices, or any...
Page xiv - Marine regiments were disbanded, but were again formed on the breaking out of the war in 1702.* During the reign of Queen Anne the pikes were laid aside, and every infantry soldier was armed with a musket, bayonet, and sword ; the grenadiers ceased, about the same period, to carry hand grenades ; and the regiments were directed to lay aside their third colour : the corps of Royal Artillery was first added to the Army in this reign. About the year 1745, the men of the battalion companies of infantry...
Page 23 - ... and the great loss we sustained was in these two bodies. Another evil which resulted from this mistake, was the necessity of introducing the cavalry into the cannonade and the action long before it was time ; by which that corps lost many men, and its unity and efficiency, that I intended to bring forward in a close pursuit at the heel of the day.
Page xix - British officers and soldiers a bravery that knows not how to yield, — that no circumstances can appal, — and that will ensure victory, when it is to be obtained by the exertion of any human means. active continental operations, or in maintaining colonial territories in distant and unfavourable climes. The superiority of the British infantry has been pre-eminently set forth in the wars of six centuries, and admitted by the greatest commanders which Europe has produced. The formations and movements...
Page 29 - I formed the army in two lines; the infantry in the first, the cavalry in the second, and supporting the right, and the Mogul and Mysore cavalry the left, nearly parallel to that of the enemy; with the right rather advanced to press upon the enemy's left. Some little time elapsed before the...
Page xviii - Under the blessing of Divine Providence, His Majesty ascribes the successes which have attended the exertions of his troops in Egypt to that determined bravery which is inherent in Britons ; but His Majesty desires it may be most solemnly and forcibly impressed on the consideration of every part of the army, that it has been a strict observance of order, discipline, and military system, which has given the full energy to the native valour of the troops, and has enabled them proudly to assert the...

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