The Services of Lieut.-Colonel Francis Downman ...: In France, North America, and the West Indies, Between the Years 1758 and 1784

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Printed at the royal artillery institution, 1898 - United States - 132 pages

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Page 102 - As soon as our gallant and generous enemy are seen to advance in great numbers, the troops are to receive them with three huzzas, and then to be perfectly silent and obedient to their officers. " Whilst they are cool by day, and alert by night, they have nothing to fear. If the enemy want our arms, let them come and take them. " During the attack, the drums and fifes are to assemble round the colours of the 5th Regiment, and beat the 'Grenadiers
Page 82 - The neglect of the requisitions already made on tliis subject is altogether unprecedented among parties at war. I now however repeat the demand that the Convention of Saratoga be fulfilled ; and offer by express and recent authority from the king,' received since the date of the late requisition made by his.
Page 83 - Ordered, That the secretary return the following answer: SIR, I am directed to inform you, that the Congress of the United States of America make no answer to insolent letters.
Page 82 - In this I mean to discharge my duty not only to the king, whose orders I obey, but to the unhappy people likewise whose affairs are committed to you, and who I hope will have the candor to acquit me of the consequences that must follow from the new system of war you are pleased to introduce.
Page 60 - I hear them cry, Revenge and glory sparkling from each eye, — " Chain'd to our arms while Howe the battle led, " Still round these files her wings shall Conquest spread. " Lov'd tho' he goes, the spirit still remains " That with him bore us o'er these trembling plains. " On Hudson's banks * the sure presage we read " Of other triumphs to our arms decreed: " Nor fear but equal honours shall repay " Each hardy deed where Clinton leads the way...
Page 60 - Device the honours of the day. Hard were the task, and impious to decide Where all are fairest, which the fairer side. Enough for us, if by such sports we strove To grace this feast of military love ; And, joining in the wish of every heart, Honour'd the friend and leader ere we part.
Page 38 - What a little, brown, dumpy thing that is, with her cocked tail sticking up so comically at the end of her back — so different from the way in which we wear ours !" Another exclaimed: "Look at her feet — ugly things, with black claws ! I wonder...
Page 60 - Knight, th' encountering steed: In manly sports that serv'd but to inspire Contempt of death, and feed the martial fire, The lists beheld them celebrate his name Who led their steps to victory and fame. -. Thro...
Page 21 - We have, indeed, learned one melancholy truth, which is, that the Americans, if they were equally well commanded, are full as good soldiers as ours ; and as it is, are very little inferior to us, even in discipline and 1888.] [June, steadiness of countenance.
Page 6 - A confiderable number of the enemy had lined an intrenchment about half a mile on the left of the road ; but, when they perceived we were endeavouring to...

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