International Commercial Language: Abridged Grammar of Volapük

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S. R. Winchell & Company, 1888 - Volapük - 23 pages
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Page iv - ... either pasigraphic systems, meant to be read only, or languages accessible only to the highest intellects, or simply some existing language more or less ingeniously mutilated ! A german polyglot, Mr.
Page 3 - I have just called attention, and which is met with, under diverse shapes amongst philologists, as well as amongst philosophers is at bottom more plausible than well-founded. The analytical form of our modern languages is the product not of a certain tendency of the mind towards this or that exterior form of thought, but the effect of a simple displacement of the tonic accent, or to speak more clearly, of the loss of the secondary in favour of the principal accent.
Page 26 - ... valuable and interesting as giving us in a succinct form all that can be said against existing institutions and the principles which they embody, and said, too, with a power and incisiveness of expression which will make it a matter for surprise, if they do not cause it to become a world-known book. If we recoil from the miasma of pessimism to which M. Nordau invites us we can at any rate profit by his vigorous and searching inquiry into the evils from which the world is suffering. And assurdly...
Page 24 - Every thoughtful, right-minded man and woman must agree with Mr. Nordau in his denunciations of marriages de convenance, now so universal, and in his assertion, that love should be the only incentive to marriage. * * * * Such works have their uses. They do not cause revolutions. On the contrary, by drawing attention to existing abuses, before they have become unbearable, they may prevent them.
Page 24 - It should be said, however, that in treating of this subject it is marriage as organized in European countries that furnishes the theme. Of the methods of marriage in "this country he says nothing — probably knows nothing. In Europe it is largely an institution of social classes, of business or estate partnerships, etc. In this country it is a matter pretty much of caprice, of personal fancies — often mistaken. Our system is the natural reaction from the other— the opposite extreme of the pendulum's...
Page 21 - The majesty of the style and the elevation of the thoughts charmed the pupils, and one of them said ironically to his neighbour : " When will you make such a speech as that?
Page 25 - Nordau, which has been officially proscribed in Austria. The author, who holds that the world is utterly out of joint, believes the discontent and pessimism everywhere prevalent to be due to the perpetual conflict between our secret convictions and our outward life. This inconsistency he treats under its various forms — the lies of Religion and of a Monarchy and Aristocracy, political, economic, matrimonial, and miscellaneous lies.
Page 26 - ... against which it is directed, the book weakens its title to be regarded as the work of a true reformer by the licentiousness of its language. But while few will think our modern civilization deserving of the philippic the author has directed against it, the work is both valuable and interesting as giving us in a...
Page 24 - It is a pretty severe arraignment of about all the faults and frailties of government and society, and is written by a gentleman who has command of a superb flow of language. There is a great deal in it to stimulate thought and arouse the moral susceptibilities. CHICAGO INTER-OCEAN.
Page 24 - There is not the faintest show of hesitation or faint-heartedness in attacking the most firmly seated institutions of civilization — marriage for example. It should be said, however, that in treating of this subject it is marriage...

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