An Historical Memoir of the 35th Royal Sussex Regiment of Foot

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Southampton times newspaper and printing and publishing Company (limited), 1873 - 2 pages

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Page 16 - Almanza, where the enemy were drawn up in order of battle, their number being considerably superior to that of the confederates. The battle began about two in the afternoon, and the whole front of each army was fully engaged. The...
Page 36 - ... exhorting the men to be steady and to reserve their fire. No English soldier pulled a trigger : with matchless endurance they sustained the trial. Not a company wavered : their arms shouldered as if on parade, and motionless, save when they closed up the ghastly gaps, they waited the word of command. When the head of the French attack had reached within forty yards, Wolfe gave the order to fire.
Page 36 - But the gallant Frenchman, though ruined, was not dismayed : he rode through the broken ranks, cheered them with his voice, encouraged them by his dauntless bearing, and, aided by a small redoubt, even succeeded in once again presenting a front to his enemy.
Page 12 - Montjuic was taken, the place was so hard pressed, that Charles ran the utmost risk of falling into the hands of the enemy ; for the earl of Peterborough, who had marched from Valencia with two thousand men, found it impracticable to enter the city. Nevertheless, he maintained his post upon the hills: and with surprising courage and activity, kept the besiegers in continual alarm. At length, sir John Leake sailed from Lisbon with thirty ships of the line; and on the eighth day of May arrived in sight...
Page 35 - The spirited advance of the skirmishers was but the mask of a more formidable movement. The whole of the French centre and left, with loud shouts and arms at the recover, now bore down to the attack. Their light troops then ceased firing, and passed to the rear. As the view cleared, their long unbroken lines were seen rapidly approaching Wolfe's position. When they reached within 150 yards they advanced obliquely from the left of each formation, so that the lines assumed the appearance of columns,...
Page 117 - I have ordered the army to concentrate at Quatre Bras ; but we shall not stop him there, and if so I must fight him there" (passing his thumbnail over the position of Waterloo).
Page 9 - On the eleventh day of August they anchored in the bay of Altea, where the earl of Peterborough published a manifesto in the Spanish language, which had such an effect, that all the inhabitants of the place, the neighbouring villages, and adjacent mountains, acknowledged king Charles as their lawful sovereign.
Page 24 - Union in the upper canton ; in the centre of the colour was the number of the rank of the regiment, in gold Roman characters, within a wreath of roses and thistles on the same stalk.
Page 47 - Union in the upper canton, and in the centre of the colour the rank of the regiment in gold Roman characters within a wreath of roses and thistles on the same stalk. The costume of the regiment at this period was most picturesque.
Page 16 - Portuguese cavalry on the right, being broken at the first charge, their foot betook themselves to flight ; so that the English and Dutch troops being left naked on the flanks, were surrounded and attacked on every side. In this dreadful emergency, they formed themselves into a square, and retired from the field of battle. By this time the men were quite spent with fatigue, and all their ammunition exhausted : they were ignorant of the country, abandoned by their horse, destitute of provision, and...

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