Western Europe in the Eighth Century & Onward: An Aftermath

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Macmillan and Company, limited, 1904 - Europe - 470 pages

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Page 453 - CONTENTS : — First Impressions of Rome — The Illyrian Emperors and their Land — Augusta Treverorum — The Goths at Ravenna — Race and Language — The Byzantine Empire— First Impressions of Athens — Mediaeval and Modern Greece — The Southern Slaves — Sicilian Cycles — The Normans at Palermo.
Page 453 - Augustodunum — Perigueux and Cahors — The Lords of Ardres — Points in the History of Portugal and Brazil — Alter Orbis — Historical Cycles — Augustan Ages — English Civil Wars— The Battle of Wakefield— National Prosperity and the Reformation— Cardinal Pole — Archbishop Parker — Decayed Boroughs — The Case of the Deanery of Exeter — The Growth of Commonwealths — The Constitution of the German Empire— Nobility — The House of Lords — Index.
Page 80 - Zacharias igitur papa secundum auctoritatem apostolicam ad interrogationem eorum respondit, melius atque utilius sibi videri, ut ille rex nominaretur et esset, qui potestatem in regno habebat, quam ille, qui falso rex appellabatur.
Page 89 - Herrscher zu bestrafen, nicht aber die thi hanc detestabilem consuetudinem, ut, si quis eis de regibus non placuisset, gladio eum adpeterent, et qui libuisset animo, hunc sibi statuerent regem.".
Page 453 - The Mythical and Romantic Elements in Early English History— The Continuity of English History — The Relations between the Crowns of England and Scotland — Saint Thomas of Canterbury and his Biographers — The Reign of Edward the Third— The Holy Roman Empire— The Franks and the Gauls— The Early Sieges of Paris— Frederick the First, King of Italy — The Emperor Frederick the Second — Charles the Bold — Presidential Government.
Page 168 - Stout Lartius hurled down Aunus Into the stream beneath; Herminius struck at Seius, And clove him to the teeth; At Picus brave Horatius Darted one fiery thrust, And the proud Umbrian's gilded arms Clashed in the bloody dust.
Page 393 - Ravennantium exarchatus una cum suprascripta donatione de eis a suo rege emissa in confessione beati Petri ponens, eidem Dei apostolo et eius vicario...
Page 279 - Hinc Carolus primus Frisonum Marte magister Pingitur, et secum grandia gesta manus; Hinc, Pippine micas, Aquitanis iura remittens, Et regno socias, Marte favente tuo; Et Carolus sapiens vultus praetendit apertos Fertque coronatum stemmate rite caput; Hinc Saxona cohors contra stat, proelia temptat, Ähnlich war auch der Palast Kainourgion zu Konstantinopel durch Kaiser Basilios Makedon (866 — 86) geschmückt.
Page 358 - Cumque praedictus Rex Pippinus, quod per legatos suos petierat, non impetrasset, et Aistulfus hoc facere contemsisset, evoluto anno praefatus Rex ad Kalendas Martias omnes Francos, sicut mos Francorum est, Bernaco villa publica ad se venire praecepit.

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