Orations against Philip: On the peace. Phillippic II. On the Chersonese. Phillippic III

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Clarendon Press, 1890

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Page 47 - Wherefore make up your minds once for all, either to give way while you are still unharmed, or, if we are going to war, as in my judgment is best, then on no plea small or great to give way at all; we will not condescend to possess our own in fear. Any claim, the smallest as well as the greatest, imposed on a neighbour and an equal when there has been no legal award, can mean nothing but slavery.
Page 38 - Thracia, und danach Plinius 18, 30: utilissime tamen servantur in scrobibus, quos siros vocant, ut in Cappadocia et in Thracia.
Page 38 - The holes are dug near a threshing floor, and when the grain is ready they put it in, having first been careful to cover the inside with straw. When sufficient grain has been piled up to form a sort of cone-shaped mound they cover the whole with straw, and put on the top of this some of the stiff native brushwood, and then they cover their...
Page 74 - Trinummus . . . Freeman & Sloman . 3*. Pliny . . . Selected Letters . . . Prichard & Bernard . 3*.
Page 9 - in possession of the house " mounted the tribune, and put on a wreath of myrtle, as a sign that he was performing a public duty.
Page 47 - ... regard to time, unless its time is especially defined by the context. Goodwin, MT 23. The greatest danger is the want of national spirit. 22. fiv . . . xp^vov, acc. of time. ' Through all time till now (oXAov).
Page 20 - Aoyoi> iroieiv can have this meaning, \6yov iroieTv would naturally mean ' to create speaking,' and we may translate, ' not that by indulging in abuse I may create talk for myself before you,' as my opponents do ; ie display my powers in abuse as those who attack me do.

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