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Page 70 - For the use of a hackney coach or carriage, by the hour, with one or more passengers, with the privilege of going from place to place, and stopping as often as may be required, one dollar an hour.
Page 70 - In all cases where the hiring of a hackney coach or carriage is not, at the time thereof, specified to be by the day or hour, it shall be deemed to be by the mile.
Page 70 - For children between two and fourteen years of age, half price is only to be charged ; and for children under two years of age, no charge is to be made. Whenever a hackney coach or carriage shall be detained, excepting as aforesaid, the owner or driver shall be allowed after the rate of seventyfive cents an hour.
Page 1 - ... location is delightful, being surrounded by the most fashionable residences in New York ; it is also near the famous Central Park, and within three minutes walk of the Grand Central Railway Station.
Page 141 - ... THE USE OF PERSONS OF CONSTIPATED HABIT. They act promptly and pleasantly, without producing debility, and their effect is not weakened by continued use, as is the case with ordinary cathartics. At the same time, they are not too cathartic — a...
Page 47 - Vincent, at the northern end of the Park, and return is only 25 cents for each person. By taking a return ticket, you may leave the carriage at the end and may return from any point where you choose to take another carriage. These park carriages are under the control of the Park Commissioners and may be taken without hesitation, as they are always safe and clean. Everybody uses them, and they are considered quite as desirable as public hacks that may be hired at the gates. These hacks and open carriages...
Page 141 - They preserve the tone of the stomach, and are powerful preventives of fever and bilious complaints. THE COLUMBIAN SPRING WATER Is universally acknowledged to be the best Chalybeate Water known. Where the blood requires Iron, this water supplies it in the best possible form for use. The assimilation is perfect. A grain of iron in this water is, in the opinion of a celebrated physician, " more potent than twenty grains exhibited according to the Pharmacopoeia.
Page 70 - BROADWAY AND UNIVERSITY PLACE LINE. — Leaves cor. Broadway and Barclay st. Runs through Barclay st. to Church, to Canal, to Greene, to Clinton pi., to University pi., to Union sq.. to Broadway, to 7th av., to 59th st., to Central Park. Returns by same route, to University pi., to Wooster st.. crosses Canal st. , to W. Broadway, to College pi. , to Barclay st., to starting-point.
Page 7 - ... Transportation Company's steamboats awaiting the arrival of the regular trains. These boats are constructed with especial reference to the navigation of the lake. They are well managed, fast, and safe, well calculated to afford all those comforts which make steamboat travelling delightful. Lake Champlain is 150 miles long, and varies in width from a few hundred yards to 15 miles. Its waters are clear, deep, and cold, and it is well stocked with fish of various kinds, affording excellent sport...

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