Bibliotheca scriptorum classicorum: abtl. Scriptores graeci

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W. Engelmann., 1880
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Page 393 - THE ILIADS OF HOMER, Prince of Poets, never before in any Language truly translated, with a Comment on some of his chief Places. Done according to the Greek by GEORGE CHAPMAN, with Introduction and Notes by the Rev. RICHARD HOOPER. 2 vols.
Page 27 - DONALDSON'S The Theatre of the Greeks. A Treatise on the History and Exhibition of the Greek Drama. With numerous Illustrations and 3 Plans. By John William Donaldson, DD 5*.
Page 327 - FRAGMENTS DU COMMENTAIRE DE GALIEN SUR LE TIMÉE DE PLATON, publiés pour la première fois en grec et en français, avec une Introduction et des notes.
Page 288 - Les blémens de géométrie d'Euclide, traduits littéralement et suivis d'un traité du cercle, du cylindre, du cône et de la sphère, de la mesure des surfaces et des solides, avec des notes, par F. Peyrard,. . . — Paris, F. Louis, an xu-i8ou. In-8°, xvi-076 p. et pi. [V. 18180 (Livrée I-IV, VI, XI-XII.) 125. - Les Éléments de géométrie d'Euclide , traduits littéralement ... a' édition, augmentée du cinquième livre par F.
Page 351 - The Tale of the Great Persian War, from the Histories of Herodotus. By GEORGE W. Cox, MA late Scholar of Trin. Coll.
Page 193 - AN INTRODUCTION TO ARISTOTLE'S ETHICS. Books I. -IV. (Book X. c. vi.-ix. in an Appendix.) With a continuous Analysis and Notes. Intended for the use of Beginners and Junior Students. By the Rev. EDWARD MOORE, DD, Principal of St. Edmund Hall, and late Fellow and Tutor of Queen's College, Oxford.
Page 240 - I vol., 8vo. 1793Sallust on the Gods and the World ; and the Pythagoric Sentences of Demophilus. Translated from the Greek ; and Five Hymns, by Proclus, in the original Greek, with a poetical version. To which are added Five Hymns by the translator.
Page 206 - The voyage of Nearchus from the Indus to the Euphrates. Collected from the original journal preserved by Arrian, and illustrated by authorities ancient and modern : containing an account of the first navigation attempted by Europeans in the Indian Ocean.
Page 440 - The orations of Hyperides for Lycophron and for Euxenippus; now first printed in facsimile with a short account of the discovery of the original manuscript at western Thebes in upper Egypt in 1847 , by Joseph Arden, Esq., FSA The text edited with notes and illustrations by the rev.
Page 51 - Épitome d'Artémidore, Isidore de Charax, etc., ou Supplément aux dernières éditions des Petits Géographes, d'après un manuscrit grec de la Bibliothèque Royale (avec une carte), par ME Miller.

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