The military history of the duke of Wellington in India

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Wm. H. Allen, 1852 - India - 123 pages

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Page 74 - I was at the top of the tree in this country ; the governments of Fort St. George and Bombay, which I had served, placed unlimited confidence in me, and I had received from both strong and repeated marks of their approbation. Before I quitted the Mysore country, I arranged the plan for taking possession of the Ceded Districts, which was done without...
Page 118 - Residents, and many civil authorities; and there is not an instance on record, or in any private correspondence, of disapprobation of any one of my acts, or a single complaint, or even a symptom of ill temper from any one of the political or civil authorities in communication with whom I have acted.
Page 68 - Chinnoor, and was marching to the westward with the intention of passing between the Mahratta and Mogul cavalry and me. He drew up, however, in a very strong position as soon as he perceived me, and the victorious army stood for some time with apparent firmness.
Page 116 - I have ordered him to quit the Nizam's territories, and not to come near this army. The answer of the vakeel is natural. It is, " Where is a man to go, who is not...
Page 117 - ... out of the question) as to remain for a great length of time in this country. I have served the Company in important situations for many years, and have never received...
Page 75 - As I am writing upon this subject, I will freely acknowledge that my regret at being prevented from accompanying you has been greatly increased by the kind, candid, and handsome manner in which you have behaved towards me ; and I will confess as freely, not only that I did not expect such treatment, but that my wishes before you arrived, regarding going upon the expedition, were directly the reverse of what they are at this moment.
Page 54 - Colonel the Hon. A. Wettesky to Lieut.- General Harris. " Mr DEAR SIR, Half past twelve. " I wish you would send the provost here, and put him under my orders. Until some of the plunderers are hanged, it is vain to expect to stop the plunder.
Page 68 - I had early intelligence of his situation; but the night was so bad, and my horses so much fatigued, that I could not move. After a most anxious night, I marched in the morning, and met the King of the World with his army, about five thousand horse, at a village called Conagull, about six miles from hence.
Page 67 - Toombuddra, with the aid of the Patan chiefs, and would then enter Mysore, or he would return into Savanore and play the devil with my peaceable communications. I therefore determined, at all events, to prevent his Majesty from putting those designs in execution, and I marched with my army to Kanagerry.
Page 97 - After all, notwithstanding this attack upon Assye by our right and the cavalry, no impression was made upon the corps collected there, till I made a movement upon it with some troops taken from our left, after the enemy's right had been defeated ; and it would have been as well to have left it alone entirely till that movement was made.

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